By several measures, 2018 looks set to go down as the strongest year in Signpost’s history. The company attained cashflow break-even for the first time in November, well ahead of plan. Our core SMB business is pacing to 43% year-over-year growth. Customer retention hit an all-time high in Q4. And customers on our newest product – launched late last year – are retaining at 98.9% monthly.

Signpost believes small businesses deserve to win. Our product helps our customers receive positive reviews, acquire new customers, and realize repeat business. In 2018, Signpost users increased their ratings on Google, Facebook and Yelp from 3.4 to 4.6 stars. Perhaps more importantly, these same firms increased revenue by 14%. Thanks to Mia, our smart assistant, small local businesses get set up in less than 5 minutes and never need to login again to get results.

Product innovations continue to drive improved performance. In Q3 alone, we more than doubled attachment to Signpost Payments, an integrated payments product that increases effectiveness and enables attribution. We improved the rate of opt-ins to SMS marketing by 270%. We shipped myriad optimizations to our automated marketing logic, as well as integrations with Quickbooks, Facebook, and Mailchimp that have already proved popular with our users. And we completely overhauled our website, simplifying and clarifying our message.

This year we laid the foundation for an outstanding 2019 in which we’ll continue to invest in integrated payments, self-serve, and machine learning. Q1 will be our first cashflow-positive quarter, and 2019 will be our first cashflow-positive year (before payments to our lenders). Meanwhile, we anticipate a continuation of the record-low cost of acquisition our sales team set in Q3 of this year.

I’m tremendously proud of the Signpost team for these unprecedented achievements, and for all the results we’ve delivered for small businesses in 2018.