Signpost is Top Dog! In celebration of Pet Week, Fast Company is on the lookout for America’s Top Office Dog. Here at Signpost, we nominate Wolf – not only are his social networking skills on point, but he’s a total ham. Wolf has demonstrated fearless leadership and remarkable sales skills since he was a pup.  He comes into the Austin, TX office each Friday with tons of energy to get the sales floor pumped up and ready to cold call. There’s nothing more motivational than a wagging tail and an excited lick after closing a deal to get you to close another one! Here are a few of Wolf’s Top Dog moments:

  • He’s first to rally the troops and show them what hard work and a pawsitive attitude can achieve!
  • Even when he’s in long leadership meetings, he makes sure to periodically keep an eye on the sales floor and make sure no one needs assistance.
  • He always makes sure to carefully choose what he’ll wear to the office each day. Professionalism is key for Wolf, and he always wants to set a good example.
  • Wolf is a strong advocate of carpooling. He is a positive influence for both our office and the environment.
  • He always shows up to work on time and ready to go at 8am.
  • And finally, he understands that having a work-life balance is key. You have to have your outside hobbies in order to bring your A-game into the office.

If that face didn’t already convince you, all of these reasons combined should make it clear that Wolf is the perfect candidate for Fast Company’s Top Dog. Signpost wins, and so do our pups! Don’t forget to vote!