We were pretty pleased yesterday to read this great piece about us by our friends at Small Biz Technology on Business Insider. You can check out the original article here.

Signpost Simplifies Online Marketing for Small Businesses

By Ramon Ray & the Smallbiztechnology.com Team

Promotion and marketing has long proven to be a challenge for most small businesses. With razor thin budgets and a host of advertising options, business owners are often overwhelmed by the process. With the advent and success of the Internet, online marketing appeared to be an easy answer to their prayers. However, online marketing has become far more complicated, yet powerful, than any small business owner could have imagined.

Signpost assists small, local businesses reach their target audience using the power of the Internet. Online marketing has often been considered a process that includes optimizing content for search engines, using pay per click ads, email campaigns, and more. While each of these processes can provide success for any business, understanding the dynamics about each one is not only time consuming, but waiting for results can take months.

The process has now been streamlined thanks to Signpost. This new ‘one-stop’ platform is designed to provide small business owners access to the most current and powerful tools available that will enable them to make adjustments, promote their campaigns, and more importantly to more effectively track their success.

Businesses are now able to have their offers featured on a host of the top publishing sites, such as MSN and Google. Perhaps the more intriguing and powerful tool has to do with the tracking analytics. Merchants using Signpost’s one-stop online marketing campaign will be able to:

  • Quickly determine which sites and ads are generating the best ROI
  • How their efforts match up to competitors’ campaigns
  • Use email newsletters and promote through social media networks
  • Follow up with new clients who make purchases through this system
  • Gain access to the best customer support team in online marketing through Signpost

As modern business moves at the speed of life, there is little extra time for business owners to chase phantoms of hope with each marketing campaign. By setting up an account with Signpost, the process of online marketing is not only simplified, it has become more effective, allowing any small business to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently.