Signpost Denver Office Opening and Expansion

Hello Denver!

When young startups successfully expand, it’s a big deal—not just personally for the startup’s founder(s) and employees, who’ve put in all their energy to get there—but also for the larger tech and business community. Expansion shows that the company is innovating in a new and unique way to solve a real problem. In our case, that’s helping local businesses thrive in an increasingly complex world, a challenge that affects millions of business owners nationwide.

When we first established a presence in Denver in early 2013, we knew that Denver’s energetic, innovative culture would fit our company’s DNA. We didn’t know that we would build such an amazing team and grow to more than forty in just a year. But with a highly-educated and motivated talent pool, unparalleled lifestyle options, and a burgeoning tech ecosystem, Denver turned out to be a fertile field for our company to flourish.

That’s why today we’re pleased to announce that we’re officially opening Signpost’s new 8,500 sq. ft. office space in the historic building on 2363 Blake Street near Coors Field in downtown Denver.

Our new office will be home to current Signpost employees in Denver and offers room to more than triple the team’s size by the end of 2014. Our expansion in Denver benefits both the local job market by adding several dozen high tech jobs, and the local economy as our advanced cloud-based marketing software helps Denver’s local businesses.

To help celebrate our expansion, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock is joining me today in a ribbon cutting ceremony where he will discuss Denver’s vibrant and rapidly-growing tech ecosystem and our role in helping to foster tech innovation and local business success.

If you or someone you know may be interested in joining our Denver team, please visit our current job listings and check back often as we add more roles in the coming weeks and months.