This is one of the posts in the Signpost Culture series.


Signpost exists to help small businesses succeed. If you think about many of the major small business marketing services such as Google, Yelp or Groupon they are all first and foremost consumer brands. Hence, that is where their priorities are. Signpost does not aim to become a household name with consumers, instead we are in the business of small business. We understand them and earn their trust by delivering on our promises. We believe software for small local businesses should be simple and effective to empower business owners. This is what our software does:

  • Simple – Signpost automates all aspects of local business marketing
  • Effective – Signpost enables valuable new and existing customer relationships

It is no surprise that we’re so small business focused. It’s in our DNA – most of us have small business owners in our family including our CEO’s sister and my father-in-law – and it’s something we highly value and harness on a daily basis.

Hiring: As part of our interview process we dig deeper into how candidates think about and engage with small businesses. Any new employee introduces him- or herself to the team by answering some questions including “what’s your favorite small business?”.

Communications: The majority of our team members speak with multiple small local business owners on a daily basis. This includes our sales team, dedicated account management team as well as our marketing and product teams. In every situation we try to learn as much as we can from the business’ situation and use this feedback to improve the product experience for all of our small local business clients.

Product: Our product and tech team build the software to empower small businesses. Their filter for any decision is ‘does this add value for the business and/or simplify the way they get value’? By using these criteria we force ourselves to build software that makes building customer relationships simple and effective, so that business owners can focus on running their business.

Partnerships: Signpost’s partner network including Google, Facebook and Yelp is helping small local businesses to get found and get new customers. We’re constantly building out this network with more distribution to reach even more customers. However, not at all costs. In our discussions with potential partners we always champion the business owners and can only partner if there is value add and the terms are favorable for the small business.

Events: Our team loves supporting small businesses with everything we do. When we print gear, celebrate milestones, play sports or even eat lunch we rely on the small businesses we fight so hard to support. And of course we like to visit our Signpost small business clients around the corner from our offices in Austin, Denver and New York.


Our team helping small businesses get new customers @ the Small Business Expo NYC!

Meetings: Lastly, every week we have a ‘nationwide’ company meeting in which we share the week’s successes, lessons learned and plans going forward. A large part of the meeting is also dedicated to small local business stories about Signpost clients using our software. Because in the end only if they succeed we will too.

Here’s to all small businesses having the courage to start a new venture, and the persistence to make it succeed. Signpost is here to fight for you!