Respond to Reviews in Real-Time from the Comfort of the "Google My Business" App

Whether it’s Yelp, Google+ or any other review site, savvy business owners know that responding to customer reviews — especially the inadvertent bad one, is crucial.  Even one bad review can mean thousands of dollars of lost business, and the longer it’s left hanging, the greater the loss.  Unfortunately, at the end of a long, busy day, taking time to sit down and check reviews can be burdensome.  That burden just got lighter, with Google’s recent upgrade to the “Google My Business” app, which makes checking and responding to Google+ reviews as easy as replying to a text.

Read and Respond Instantly

Previously useful only for posting to Google+ and updating business information, the Google My Business App has added a whole lot of functionality with this new update.  Download the app and you can read and respond to reviews instantly; anytime, anywhere.  Set your preferences to get mobile push notifications when a customer reviews your business on Google+, and you’ll be notified in real time as soon as a review posts.  You can then launch the app directly from the push notification and type in a response.  No need to mess with logging into accounts and dashboards and clicking around websites.  Keep up with reviews on the fly, at lunch, during a coffee break, waiting in line at the grocery store or wherever.  Your customers will know that you care about their satisfaction — and a bad review can be quickly mitigated.

View Call Analytics

Another feature of the new upgrade is the ability to view Call Analytics inside Google My Business, both the mobile app and the desktop version.  So after you’re done reading and responding to reviews, you can check out what time of day people are searching for you on Google, what keywords they’re using, how much time they’re spending at your various websites and from where they’re getting driving directions to your business.

Track Google AdWords Campaigns

The new upgrade also lets business owners track and manage Google AdWords campaigns inside Google My Business.  More detailed statistics can still be found inside AdWords Express, but overall business stats will be available in Google My Business, allowing you to track the success of your various campaigns.

These might seem like small changes, but in the grand scheme of things they’re monumental.  Anyone who’s ever visited a Yelp page and seen a bad review that has been posted and left hanging knows the bad impression it creates of the business.  But with so many review sites, business owners are often too busy to stay on top of their reviews.  With the Google My Business app, Google+ reviews just became a cinch to manage.