Can Your PoS System Help You With Your Marketing?When it comes to a modern PoS, this is not your grandfather’s cash register. Today’s point of sale, or PoS, system is the virtual smartphone of checkout machines. It can manage your inventory, transmit orders to the kitchen, track customer orders, manage accounts receivable, handle your payroll, and pretty much do everything except make the pizza. But can your PoS help you with local marketing?

What’s in a Card Reader?

Card readers are used to pull information from a customer’s credit or debit card in order to process a payment. But how much information do they actually pull? As it turns out, credit card readers pull enough data from customer credit cards that, when paired with proprietary PoS software like Signpost’s, it can be used to pull the customer’s name and correspond this to a matching phone number or email address from a corresponding database.

Now, if you’ve been doing your due diligence as far as your local marketing program goes, you may already have that information on file somewhere for many of your customers. But the beauty of the new software is that the information is accessed automatically, and used in conjunction with email and/or SMS marketing. The system can be programmed to automatically send customers an email or text message after a purchase, requesting them to review the product or service, offer them a discount on their next purchase, or promote a complementary product.

How Will This Save Me Time and Money?

Instead of sending out generic mass text messages or emails, or spending hours and hours segmenting your mailing and phone lists by purchase history, your new PoS-integrated marketing system will automatically send out emails and text messages based on the customer purchase. Imagine your customer has just received a lunchtime facial, and she gets back to the office and sees a text on her phone offering a big discount on a future service if she refers a friend. How much more likely is it that she will rave about her facial to her office colleagues?

Local businesses depend on local customers, and connecting with them in a personalized way is an effective tool for developing customer loyalty. Email and SMS marketing are an important part of forging that connection, and having it integrated into your PoS is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities to make a sale or retain a customer.

Is it Expensive?

No. PoS marketing software is designed to help the local business compete with the big box stores, who have much larger budgets for all kinds of advertising. PoS marketing software leverages a local business’ community of customers, capitalizing on that local neighborhood feeling while at the same time allowing the business owner to conduct a major automated marketing campaign. Compared to other types of advertising, it’s a real bargain. So when considering the features and functionalities you desire in your local business point of sale system, you may want to put an integrated marketing software like Signpost near the top of the list!