We know that for a lot of our customers, your in-house marketing “team” consists of just one person…who often wears many other hats. Fortunately, the profusion of technological tools, websites and services that are now readily available to us has changed the very nature in which we do business.

Building a robust presence on the web through the utilization of today’s social media tools and applications is now easier and more inexpensive than ever. Not only do these services help to alleviate the pressures of marketing as a small business, but they also enable your company to establish a deeper and more personal dialogue with your customer base. We understand the importance of maximizing your resources, and have found the following websites, tools and tactics to be easily managed by one person.

1. In today’s digital economy, a high quality website and blog are crucial means to developing industry credibility. Establishing your own presence on the web is now extremely affordable (in some cases, free), easily manageable, and a necessary platform to achieve commercial success. These tools facilitate the exchange of information and ideas via content that’s aligned with your customers’ interests, helping you and your company to more effectively connect with your target audience.

2. At the expense of tooting our own horn, nobody works harder to bring success to your marketing efforts than Signpost. By offering you the best local exposure and advanced sales, our intuitive, cost-efficient advertising platform drives more views and visits to your website, while our extensive network of partners like Google, AOL, and Yellow Pages allows you to match your marketing campaign to customers that count. We create your campaign and manage your customer service so that you can focus on your business. Partnering with Signpost saves you time, energy and money, while providing you with access to over 35 million local customers. Get started on a campaign or log in today to view our exciting new merchant account features.

3. It’s no surprise that the most visited websites nowadays consist mostly of social networks. Sites like Facebook and Twitter entertain an enormous amount of users and traffic, and are excellent platforms for small businesses to promote and advertise their goods and services and, perhaps equally as important, to engage with their customers. Both sites allow you to effectively target your demographics through an easy-to-launch ad platform, while further developing your brand through signature merchant “Pages.” For small businesses, however, the sites’ most important characteristic revolves around their customer-centered innovation, in that they allow you to interact and establish a dialogue with existing and potential customers.

4. In today’s economy, connecting with customers and building sustainable relationships has never been more important. From Constant Contact and MailChimp’s email, event, newsletter, and social media marketing tools to Single Platform’s capacity to showcase your company’s information online, the ability of these techniques to bring increased exposure to your local business has dramatically reduced the demands placed on small or one-person marketing teams.

5. In addition to the sites and techniques listed above, there is a myriad of other innovative online content tools that small businesses can use to broaden their relationship and level of engagement with their customers. Networks like Linkedin and Google+ provide you with free news, updates and connections for joint-marketing opportunities; Yelp, TripAdvisor and foursquare are more examples of sites that help you to identify your target customers and partners, in turn allowing you to narrow the focus of your marketing campaigns. And, of course, websites like YouTube and Vimeo, that enable you to interact with your customers via live broadcasting and video, can only further enhance your company’s marketing efforts.

While this is only a small collection of the websites, tools and techniques that are available to small businesses and marketing teams these days, we hope that these suggestions are helpful in your quest to extend your advertising reach, strengthen your customer relationships, and take your company to the next level.