The commerce landscape is rapidly evolving. Despite 92% of transactions still occurring at physical locations, the customer journey is expanding across multiple, digital touchpoints. Most consumers begin with researching and reading location-based reviews.

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During this webinar, Brandon Purcell, Forrester Senior Analyst serving Customer Insights, professionals and Hearst Newspaper’s SVP of Digital, Mike DeLuca join Signpost CEO Stu Wall for a conversation on the best-in-class analytics techniques The Future of Commerce with Forrester and Hearstcompanies are using to transform customer data into insights.

Brandon provides an overview of the current state of AI technology and how he expects it will shape how we understand and interact with customers in the near future. Hearst will showcase how AI can be utilized to reengage lapsed customers and keep brands top-of-mind for remarketing to an existing customer base. Watch the on-demand recording of this webinar to understand what the future of commerce will look like, and more importantly, how to ensure your brand is a part of it.

Watch the recording of this riveting discussion to:

  • Learn how a one star increase in rating can increase annual revenue from 5-9%
  • Discover the advantages of a centralized review management strategy
  • Hear from Hearst how they are able to leverage artificial intelligence to protect their clients’ digital reputation and drive more five-star reviews

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