Signpost loves celebrating our customers’ success. So, when our contact at MobileCultures shared their manifesto for digital marketing which included the story of a family-owned Jeweler who turned their business around courtesy of Signpost, we knew we wanted to share it.

MobileCultures is a digital marketing agency who specializes in connecting local businesses with the best technology platforms to drive growth. Given Signpost’s unparalleled ability to get better reviews and more revenue for our customers, it’s no surprise that Mobile Cultures features Signpost in its solutions for their clients.

Read on for the tale of “The Little Jeweler Who Could.”

And feel free to download BrandLand, a short eBook highlighting the untapped value local businesses reap when they activate their customers to share feedback, post reviews, and claim offers using platforms like Signpost.

The Little Jeweler That Could

Once there was a little family jeweler with a store that had been in business in the same location for over 100 years. The owners, two brothers who were the 3rd generation, did well enough. Yet, they wanted to grow.

They hired an ad agency to re-brand their store and do cool new ads which they loved. And then, like good marketers, they waited, because as we all know, retailers are impatient and nothing happens overnight.

Nothing happened over weeks.

So the agency, not wanting to lose the account, recommended a different approach using a digital platform for email engagement which they had discovered. The brothers agreed to upload their client email list to the platform, which promptly and automatically began to engage back-and-forth with their clients through staged emails. In less time than it takes to approve a marketing plan, the little jeweler was seeing more and more 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp.

Today, they are #1 on Google for “jewelers in (their city)” with 85 5-star reviews.

And #1 on Yelp with 29 5-star reviews for the same search phrase.

No 1’s, no 2’s, no 3’s, no 4’s.

Every review a 5-star.

Please note:

  • They did no advertising (in fact, they stopped magazine and cable tv advertising)
  • They did no SEO
  • They did no SEM
  • They did no direct mail

The secret? A digital platform that empowers 21st century word-of-mouth. But that’s really not the secret. That’s only the implementation of thinking as an engager, not a marketer. The secret is, they had already been invited inside many, many sand castles and didn’t even realize it.

Every satisfied client was a sand castle that had dropped the drawbridge for them by having made a purchase at their store.

By appealing to their current satisfied customers–through an email engagement platform–to write reviews of them, they discovered a gold mine. New people from the area who had never set foot in their store (though it is situated in the center of the business district and who must have passed it by without a thought for years) are showing up daily. Today, the brothers are swamped on Mondays–a traditionally dismal business day for retailers–and every day of the week. They are now expanding their in-store engagement ring boutique and enlarging their Rolex section.

There is not a retailer alive who would invest such a large sum on the if-come. Only because their business is booming are they willing, even eager, to plow money back into their store. Their story is another one of those anecdotes that hold deeper meaning. Whether B2C or B2B, if you have customers you are already inside multiple sand castles.

Therefore, you are sitting on a goldmine of

  • repeat sales
  • new sales
  • multiple referrals
  • 5-star reviews
  • new customers
  • increased ROI
  • increased positive brand awareness

Which begs the question…

How crazy do you have to be to go prospecting for gold before you’ve mined the goldmine you already own?

(And please don’t tell me you’re already doing that with Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. One-way communication is not engagement! The fact of having made a purchase may have lowered lowered the drawbridge for you but it won’t stay down. How many customers do you think are beginning to regret they gave you their email addresses?)

After all this build-up, no doubt you want to know what digital platform we used to drive such remarkable outcomes. The platform is called Signpost.