Hello, this is Thereasa from innRoad.  We’re a friend of Signpost that provides cloud-based hotel property management software for local, independent hotels.  What I love about Signpost is that they make some of the more cumbersome aspects of relationship marketing easy – a major win for busy independent hotel operators.  Hoteliers are always searching for efficient ways to attract new guests, build relationships and drive repeat stays, so we’re excited that Signpost focuses on delivering these valuable outcomes.

The process of converting traveler curiosity into hotel reservations can be challenging Hotel Marketingand complex.  Travelers want the hotel booking process to be fast and easy, but some independent hotels aren’t prepared to satisfy this need, so as a result, filling rooms is an ongoing struggle.  If reservations are hard to come by at your hotel, here are two likely reasons why:

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1. Travelers can’t find your hotel

Digital marketing for independent hotels requires much more than simply hoping that travelers find your website.  Independent hoteliers who want more bookings must learn to utilize digital tools, including online travel agencies, travel review sites and social media, as well as a CRM like Signpost, to increase their online visibility and drive consumers to their booking channels.  For many consumers, travel planning is an entirely digital process, so independent hotels must enhance their online positioning by actively leveraging powerful digital tools, if they wish to compete for valuable, revenue-growing reservations.

2. Booking rooms is too difficult

Online shopping cart abandonment is a major problem for many independent hotels.  However, from our perspective, not offering online bookings is a much more concerning issue.  Asking travelers to call or email the front desk for rates and availability disrupts the flow of their travel planning and may push them to book with other hotels that take reservations directly and through online travel agencies.  Hotel industry competition is tough, so independent hotels should provide consumers with various online booking options that make travel planning easy, while also eliminating reasons for consumers to look elsewhere.

At innRoad, our goal is simple, we want to make managing hotels easier for those who work hard to provide warm hospitality and memorable travel experiences.  Our cloud-based hotel property management software remedies challenges, like unoccupied rooms, regularly faced by independent hotel operators.  If you want to learn more about innRoad, contact us online, call us at 1-855-INNROAD or join the conversation about hotel marketing and more on our blog.

Originally from the West Coast, Thereasa been in technology sales & marketing for over 15 years. She is passionate about the use of technology to make our lives better. For the past 2 years she’s been running marketing for innRoad. innRoad provides hotel management software to independent hotels that helps hoteliers increase occupancy while giving them more time to spend with their guests. Helping our hoteliers focus on creating great guest experiences instead of dealing with software is one of the many reasons she is proud to be a part of the innRoad team. You can find her here: @innroad or here @thereasaf.