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Air National Air Conditioning & Heating: How Automating Marketing Leaves More Time For Providing Premium Customer Service (To More Customers)

Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our blog. This post reviews the story of Air National Air Conditioning & Heating from Houston, TX.

Tell us a little bit about Air National Houston.
Air National Air Conditioning & Heating is family owned and operated and is made up of dedicated, experienced professionals who strive for excellence on a daily basis. Air National Houston provides a wide range of services to ensure your air conditioning is taken care of, including AC installation and AC repair. Customer service is our top priority and Air National is run with the highest code of ethics, honesty and integrity. Every technician employed at Air National is EPA certified, professionally trained, drug tested, and background checked. This ensures that customers get the best in service and knowledge. Combined with offering only top quality products, our customers are assured their system will run smoothly with air being cool and clean for years to come.

You’re investing a lot in existing customer relationships. What marketing do you do to attract new customers?
The HVAC market is very competitive, so we use several forms of marketing in order to generate business, ranging from client referral programs to direct mail marketing to online lead generation. The most successful marketing methods we use are pay per click marketing and online offers. Pay per click is targeted but is very expensive with regards to money and time you have to invest. With online offers we discount our service for first time customers, but it is more than worth it because there’s a higher conversion rate and new customers generally turn into repeat customers and also refer other family members and friends.

How does working with Signpost fit your marketing strategy?
The objective of our Signpost campaigns was to increase our efforts in areas of our business that we knew were performing well – air conditioner tune up and repair. Normally it takes time to develop and manage marketing campaigns, and it quickly becomes a very time consuming task. Signpost allows us to gain additional online exposure for our company and gain new clients, with little to no effort on our end.

First off, an up-to-date, optimized online presence is always good for SEO and local marketing. I am glad that Signpost provides this service to its clients. Customers mention and redeem the special offer that we post on our local directory listings.

The information we now collect on customers is very valuable. Previously we did not proactively collect email addresses from our clients, leaving us with limited remarketing capabilities. With Signpost we get automated remarketing to clients that we previously visited.

What are the results you’ve seen working with Signpost?
Our results with Signpost have been very positive. We were able to generate enough direct revenue in a short amount of time to easily justify the investment. Meanwhile, our new customers are happy that they received great service at an introductory price and are helping us spread the word! Signpost has more than paid for itself for the yearly subscription after just a few months. We’re now in the process of integrating Signpost as a central part of our marketing efforts.

At Signpost, one of our core values is “Signpost fights for small businesses”. How have you experienced this so far?
Signpost was very useful in the creation of the ad content. They were kind enough to search historical data and provide us with industry-specific insight into the most successful marketing campaigns for our sector. The process was very quick and simple. Signpost takes care of most of the work for us so we can focus on other tasks. Additionally, Signpost is very affordable, making it much more lucrative for our bottom line. Signpost has always made us feel like we are a partner with the company and not a vendor; carefully taking our feedback into consideration while managing our account.

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