How to Make More People Open Your Emails

An email marketing campaign can be an extremely effective way of strengthening your brand, connecting with your customers, and increasing sales revenue. Consequently, you spend hours of your valuable time crafting what you hope are exciting and informative emails to entice your customers to return to your establishment for sales, promotions, and new products. All of this hard work is wasted, however, if your customers don’t open your emails.

In a world of mass email marketing where your customers are being increasingly overwhelmed with demands for their time and attention, how do you make your email stand out so that they will be interested enough to open it?

If your customers have signed up to receive your emails, you have a tremendous advantage over the competition, as people are already sympathetic to your brand. How do you cement the deal? With a compelling subject line.

What is the Ideal Length for a Subject Line?

According to research conducted on the opening rates of emails with subject lines of varying lengths, the ideal length of your subject line should be between 6 and 10 words. Those emails generated a 21 percent open rate, compared with 16 percent for subject lines of 5 or less words, and 14 percent for subject lines from 11 to 15 words. Subject lines from 6 to 10 words are also an ideal length for mobile users.

What About Personalization?

Personalizing an email by including the recipient’s first name has been shown to increase opening rates by 2.6 percent, so this is another very useful tactic. It lets the customer know that this is not just another mass email sent out to thousands of anonymous recipients.

Even more important is that your customers recognize the email as coming from you. Be sure to include your brand name or firm name in the address URL, such as Also, try to write subject lines that reflect your company’s unique personality, if at all possible.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Emails are more likely to be opened if they are offering something, such as a discount or a freebie. If the purpose of your email is to announce a special at your business, put the meat of the offer into the subject line. Keep it slightly generic, such as “Get 20% Off!” to entice them to open the email for details.

Even if your email simply contains the monthly newsletter, avoid putting that in your subject line. Instead, feature something intriguing that is prominent in your newsletter, whether it’s the monthly special or a unique and interesting article. Write your subject line the way a news copywriter would write a headline – use it grab attention so that the reader will want to read the article.

Target Your Audience

Rather than simply spamming all of your customers with the same email, consider segmenting them based on things like geographical area, age, gender, purchase history, and, especially, the areas of interest they expressed when they signed up. If you’re offering a special on the latest ombre hair color, for instance, you may not want to send that email to your blue haired ladies of a certain age who come in for a rinse and set, for example.

By targeting emails to specific demographics, you are not only more likely to get them opened, but it also helps you to avoid the trap of sending too many emails to the same customers. After deleting just a handful of uninteresting emails, many customers may decide to unsubscribe to your mailing list.

Remember, you should always treat your customers’ participation in your email list as an honor and a privilege, and send them only emails that will be interesting and rewarding to them!