Online reviews are now considered to be as important as word of mouth referrals, with 88% of consumers claiming they trust them as much as personal recommendations. In the ratings world, even a small move up or  down in stars can have very serious repercussions for your bottom line. Yelp reports that the average business gains an additional $8,000 in revenue, annually, simply by being listed on the site. It’s important to note that while this is great starting point for your top of the funnel strategy, it’s still important to focus your local marketing efforts on sales conversions and customer engagement to drive new and repeat business.

Increase the number of Yelp reviews for  your business by following these simple tips.

On-Site Prompts

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find your Yelp listing. You can download these buttons from Yelp to ensure the process is frictionless and accurate. They are subtle reminders for customers who might not have thought to leave you a review on the site prior to the prompt. This also enables potential customers who are finding your site for the first time to check out the good ratings and positive feedback others have already left about your business.

Go one step further and include the button in your email signature. This way, reviewing your business will stay top of mind for any customers that you correspond with throughout the week. It could inspire them to leave a review if they have a moment, as they are already on a desktop or mobile device where they can easily access the site or app.

Share the good…and the not-so-good

Share rave reviews that go above and beyond to applaud your best attributes. Post excerpts on your social pages, site, and even include one at the end of your email newsletters. Make sure that anyone searching for your business can find these, and keep them updated regularly. This shows new and current customers that you value their reviews and might motivate them to take the time to post one.

Additionally, take this opportunity to show off  your dedication to customer service by posting a neutral/negative review, with your response. This helps you build trust amongst your audience by presenting them with full transparency. It tells them that your business is dedicated to providing excellent service, and that if someone feels you’ve fallen short of that, you do everything in your power to rectify the situation. This is very compelling, and will inspire more people to be an advocate for you business.

Yelp Optimizations

Although most of these best practices are organic, there are a few paid strategies that have proven to be quite effective in producing more reviews. Take advantage of Yelp’s “Special Offers” advertising. This allows you to create custom incentives for Yelp users that will not only get them through the door, but also keep the review site at the forefront of their mind and associated with your business.

Yelp Check-in Offers are a great way to incentivize new customers, returning customers AND they are guaranteed to generate more reviews. Although these are paid ads, exclusive offers are unlocked when customers “check-in” on the Yelp app. However, once someone chooses to do this, they are prompted to post a review on that business’s page the next time they log into the site or launch the app, which compounds their value.


You can display signage in-store, and even request stickers to put on your business’s door or window. This trail can remind customers to review their experience during various points of their visit: as they enter, while their browsing, at checkout, and as they exit the building.

You can also include a reminder and link printed on your receipts, so they can remember to leave you a review when they get home.

Utilize Marketing Automation to Drive Reviews

Marketing automation software, like Signpost, can be leveraged to engage with new and returning customers to gain feedback about their experience and encourage them to review your business on Yelp, without you having to lift a finger. To see how Signpost can drive more reviews, referrals and more, schedule a demo today!