iPad Users Rejoice - Foursquare App Finally Available on the iPad

For over 225 million iPad users, Foursquare has just upped the ante with the new Foursquare app for iPad. Included in the application are a bundle of new features, such as travel planning and local recommendations – reminiscent of the newly redesigned iPhone version, but with added services to help users plan excursions outside of their local neighborhoods.

Foursquare took a serious hit not so long ago, when they split their service into Swarm, for check-ins and Foursquare for discovery, but the latest upgrades for iPhone, windows desktop and tablet, and now the iPad, appear to be fortifying the company’s position in the social media marketplace. Now a Foursquare user can check out locations that are classified as “newly popular,” “up-and-coming” or “local mainstays,” both in their own neighborhood and anywhere else they might be thinking of visiting.

Since 80% of all mobile web traffic from tablets are due to iPads, this new app has been a long time coming. And with iPads comprising a staggering 78% of tablets used in North America, a whole lot of iPad users have been clamoring for an iPad-specific Foursquare app for some time. Once users begin to try out the brand new, upgraded version, it is sure to please.

Personalized Search Results

Foursquare’s new iPad app not only shows you top-rated venues in your own neighborhood, but also features both popular tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path recommendations for all of the larger cities in the nation. The software familiarizes itself with the user’s tastes, preferences, past ratings and top picks from friends as well as experts, and tailors searches accordingly. So whether you’re a parrot-head, a dead-head, a foodie or a shopaholic, Foursquare helps you zero in on places of interest in your own neighborhood and any destination you might have in mind. And with just a quick tap, you can save the information you like to your dream itinerary.

What Does This Mean for Local Business

With the enormous number of social media outlets, it’s easy to get lost focusing on Facebook and Twitter and overlook Foursquare entirely. But these new releases makes it clear that Foursquare’s not ready to be counted out. The personalization features alone make it a serious contender for users who like to have searches automatically tailored to their own tastes and desires, and it stands to send services like CitySearch and TripAdvisor packing. The long and the short of it is that if you’re not already on Foursquare, it’s time to give it some serious consideration, depending on your business and your customer base. It may be a little extra work, but it’s likely to bring a powerful return.