10 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes For Your Local Business

You’ve created a really sharp Facebook page for your local business, with a catchy description, your address, phone number, business hours, and even some fabulous graphics. What’s next? How do you get a lot of people to “like” your local business on Facebook?

1. Add the Facebook Plug-in to Your Website

For starters, you can add a Facebook “Like” box to your business’ website, which is simple to do and will allow visitors to like your page without interrupting their browsing experience. Visitors who click on the “Like” button will have the action posted to their Facebook timeline, yet still remain on your website.

2. Add the Tagline “Like us on Facebook” to All of Your Advertising

Whether it’s online advertising, radio, television, or printed materials such as posters, flyers, and brochures, adding the “like us on Facebook” call to action will garner many more likes. Don’t forget about things like invoices, business cards, menus, and correspondence. Consider including a link in your business email signature, and ask your employees to do the same.

3. Offer Rewards or Incentives

Offer some sort of reward to anyone who becomes a fan of your page, such as a special offer, a discount coupon, or even a freebie. The better the offer, the more likely customers will share it with friends and family members. Everyone loves a freebie, and this will keep your fans checking back for any more deals.

4. Share and Publish Engaging Content

The best way to keep customers coming back to check out your page and sharing it with their Facebook friends is to post lots of interesting, informative, and engaging content. Does that mean you have to be a great writer? No. You just have to be good at finding helpful, informative, interesting, or entertaining articles and blog posts elsewhere on the Internet and then share them with your Facebook fans.

5. Post Photos and Videos

Photographs and videos capture even more attention than catchy headlines. Combine the two and you have a winning post. Once you’ve gotten your fans’ attention, they’ll be more likely to click on the link to read the rest of the story.

6. Post, Comment, and Engage with Fans on a Regular Basis

According to experts, the optimum time to post on Facebook is from 1 to 4 p.m. Or if you have the time, you should post several times a day, in order to engage with a wider range of customers. Some people prefer to check their Facebook first thing in the morning, while others may log on after school or work, and still others late in the evening.

Post often enough to increase your visibility on your customers’ timelines, but not so often as to be annoying. If you gain a reputation for posting interesting and informative content, fans will be more likely to take the time to read your posts. If you post too frequently, however, you run the risk of clogging people’s feeds, which may lead them to hide you from their timeline or even unfriend you. According to KissMetrics analytics, posting 1 to 2 times a day increases engagement by 40%.

Remember, in addition to posting, you can interact with your fans in other ways, such as responding to comments and answering questions.

7. Like and Interact with Other Businesses

Check out the Facebook pages of neighboring businesses and develop a friendly reciprocal relationship. Maybe there’s a great deli where your customers might like to eat after getting their hair done at your salon, a charming antique store to browse in, a fast and efficient dry cleaner. Just be sure that any businesses you recommend are up to your standards, however, or it could backfire on you.

8. Hold Contests and Conduct Opinion Polls

Run a fun and interactive contest on your Facebook page, open only to “fans,” so that anyone who wants to participate will have to like your page first. The possibilities are endless, from naming a new product or coming up with an advertising slogan to singing a jingle or posting a funny photo. The bigger the prize offered, the better the participation. Run it through your Facebook page, but don’t forget to advertise it through other channels, especially if there’s a large prize at stake.

Get fans to interact on your page by asking for opinions on product offerings. Do they like the new product? Should you keep it or trash it? How would they make it better? By asking for input, you get your customers more involved in your business, and if they haven’t tried your new product, they’re likely to do so in order to participate.

9. Contact Related Facebook Groups

Don’t forget about Facebook Groups. They can be a powerful ally if you connect with them in a meaningful way. If your business is a hair salon, for instance, you might find a group centered around those with hair loss challenges; post plenty of informative articles about causes, remedies, or even the latest technology in wigs and hairpieces. Contact the administrator of the group and ask to be a featured contributor.

10. Answer the Tough Questions

The Internet is full of unanswered questions. Keep a sharp eye out for those questions you may have answers to – try Googling them and see what pops up. Anywhere you find a question that seems to go unanswered, whether it’s on Ask.com or a competitor’s Facebook page, don’t be afraid to speak up, and let the person know that if they like the answer to the question, they can “like” you on Facebook – and find more information on your page!