Justin Rep

Justin on the sales floor in NYC

My name is Justin Donnarumma and I am the manager of the Signpost Denver office.  If you are reading this you clearly have some interest in Signpost which is awesome. Let me start off by giving you some background about myself and how I made my trek across the country to open the Signpost Denver office.

I was born and raised in New Jersey where I went to Ramapo College of New Jersey to play baseball.  After graduation I started my career in sales where I sold exterior home supplies.  After staying there for a year and a half, I decided I needed to get into the start-up scene.  I had never really done much cold calling, but I knew I had the drive and competitive spirit to close down business.  Funny story how I found Signpost; I was in a local store and I saw one of my best friends from high school.  He told me his recruiter from his college sends him jobs all the time.  He forwarded me the only one that was in NYC.  The job sounded pretty cool and they offered free snacks!  I jumped at the opportunity and met with Matt (head of NYC), Geoff (head of Austin), and Stu (CEO).  Who would have thought less than a year later I would be joining the management team?

photo (14)

A huge meal before setting up the office!

In a startup, opportunities are endless and I’ll give you some insight of my career progression.  I was the 5th sales representative when I started.  Within 6 months I was promoted to sales executive.  This meant I had to step up as a leader and do more than just the sales role.  From there two months later, there was a manager position opened. I interviewed for it and got the job.  I was promoted into the Sales Training Manager role which meant I was the one who trains every new rep that comes into the company.  This was a great experience for me and after much success in that role it was time for Signpost to grow to another office!

I was up for the challenge and decided to head the search for a new west coast location.  We looked at 6 cities and Denver ended up being the best culture and talent fit for our needs.  The greatest part on a personal level here at Signpost is that you get recognized for how hard you work.  Not only was I hitting and exceeding goals, but I was a leader day in and day out in the office.  In less than a year and a half I went from Sales Representative to the Head Sales Manager across the country.  This is the life in a start-up.  Is it easy? Hell no! Is it fun and exciting that everyday is different than the one before? Oh yea! The opportunities are always right there for you and as we grow we need people to come in, crush their targets and move up into leadership roles.  I am a living example that if you work hard and and keep pushing to be the best, the end result is always going to be positive.

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Our awesome team in Denver!