For many busy business owners, December really is “the most wonderful time of the year” when it comes to sales. Ensure that your business is making the most out of holiday shopping with our 2017 Holiday Planning Kit. It includes data on current holiday shopping trends and projections as well as a best practice guide for making the experience customers have with your business memorable for all the right reasons, and a weekly planner to ensure your promotional efforts stay on track.

The holidays can also be a whirlwind for businesses and customers, alike. By putting the needs of your customers first, you can take some of the stress out of the busy season for them, and keep them coming back long after they ring in the new year!

Download this free kit, and check out some additional tips, below, to finish off the year right!

Shipping and delivery options

It’s no surprise that consumers are looking for a combination of flexibility and savings when it comes to delivery method of goods. Having a sound strategy is critical here, as shipping has become an important factor in purchasing decisions, and the evolving expectations of consumers. Free shipping is the second most important factor shoppers consider when purchasing online, which falls in line with the increased emphasis of perceived “deals” during the holidays.

Try taking a page out of the e-commerce playbook and offer free delivery on items they purchase in-store. This way they won’t have to wait for their items to be gift wrapped if they’re short on time, or have to lug around large packages during the rest of their shopping and errands. If you’re in a metro area, services like Postmates might prove to be a great option to give customers (with free delivery on you for qualifying purchases). Or, you could hire a seasonal employee to do local, same-day deliveries and drop offs.

Wish Lists

Wish lists are a great tool for both businesses and your customers. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 60% of respondents in a recent survey indicated that they would like to use more wish lists in future planning and shopping. It’s no wonder that large brands have been developing technologies that allow customers to bridge the online-to-offline gap. By outfitting “smart” fitting rooms with screens that allow them to save customers’ sessions in a wish list format, shoppers can later access from their home computer or mobile devices to complete their purchase.

Once again, by offering flexibility to your customers to research, peruse, shop, compare, and ultimately purchase as they please, when they please, and where they please, you increase the likelihood of conversions. Wish lists are helpful to both gift purchasers and recipients, alike. A great asset for fighting holiday disappointment, many see wish lists as a foolproof way to ensure they get the exact size, color, model, etc. of the product they want.

Any help this holiday season is sure to be appreciated. Wish lists and personalized gift recommendations or guides are great ways to spark consumers’ interest and appreciation!

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