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New: Grow Your Marketing Lists with IVR, Self-Upload, Opt-in Signs, and Signpost Digital Advertising

The most vital asset to any marketing strategy is your customer list. After all, what would your marketing efforts look like without anyone to send promotions, product updates and other relevant, actionable communications? Even as the industry continues to evolve, email… Continue Reading →

New: Suggested Campaigns and Brand Update

If you’ve been on the Signpost website today, you might’ve noticed that things look a little….different today. Don’t worry, you are in the right place, and our commitment to empowering local businesses, large and small, is stronger than ever. And in… Continue Reading →

The Art of Local: A Conversation With Christy Seal, Owner of My Best Buddy Dog Training Studio

“We fight for small businesses.” This is the first line of our mission statement at Signpost, and it greets us on a wall in our offices every morning when we walk through the door. More than just our customers, the… Continue Reading →

New: Customer Segmentation, Purchase Tracking and New Review Sites

Today, we’re thrilled to announce three major new features that will allow you to connect with customers in powerful new ways. Informed by the most compelling innovations in marketing best practices, these tools will be instrumental in keeping customers engaged and… Continue Reading →

Meet Mia: A New Way To Connect With Customers

Last month Mia was born. You might have read about it in some leading media outlets, but now that she’s arrived, we wanted to introduce you to her ourselves. Drum roll, please… Mia is the world’s first artificially intelligent marketing… Continue Reading →

Infographic: Making Sense of Digital Marketing

Modern marketing has become an ambiguous and complicated endeavor. Between so many sites, advertising options and directories claiming to improve your presence and drive new business, it can feel like you’re spending countless hours and dollars on marketing efforts that… Continue Reading →

New for 2016: Custom Campaigns, SMS Marketing, and Testimonials Page

Today we’re excited to announce three powerful new features to the Signpost platform to help you start the new year on the right note: Custom Campaigns, SMS Marketing, and Testimonials. As always, these product updates will help you to maintain stronger… Continue Reading →

Signpost Local Marketing Software Case Study | Health & Medical: Left Coast Acupuncture

Left Coast Acupuncture Takes the Ache Out of Patient Relationship Management with Automated Remarketing Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized local businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our… Continue Reading →

Signpost’s CEO on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis

Veteran tech industry titans and early stage entrepreneurs know to tune into This Week in Startups for smart advice and the latest bleeding edge news from Silicon Valley. Signpost’s CEO Stuart Wall recently joined host Jason Calacanis to talk about our… Continue Reading →

13 Things that Inevitably Happen When You Start Working at Signpost

Working at a start-up is different than a traditional office atmosphere. Waay different. Suits & ties are exchanged for Bahama Tees and cargo shorts (but not really), earphones are replaced by communal music (DJ’s always welcome), and Mondays around the… Continue Reading →