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New: Suggested Campaigns and Brand Update


If you’ve been on the Signpost website today, you might’ve noticed that things look a little….different today. Don’t worry, you are in the right place, and our commitment to empowering local businesses, large and small, is stronger than ever. And in the spirit of that commitment, today we’re thrilled to announce two exciting updates: Suggested Campaigns and the launch of our new look! Though they might seem unrelated, they have more in common than you’d think.

Suggested Campaigns: More Impact, Less Time

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The Art of Local: A Conversation With Christy Seal, Owner of My Best Buddy Dog Training Studio

“We fight for small businesses.” This is the first line of our mission statement at Signpost, and it greets us on a wall in our offices every morning when we walk through the door. More than just our customers, the businesses we fight for daily are run by awesome people with awesome stories. For them, running a local business is more than a science—it’s an art. In honor of Pet Services month, we thought we’d share a conversation we had with one such local business “artist” — Signpost customer Christy Seal, who owns My Best Buddy dog training studio in St. Anne Missouri.

My Best Buddy Dog Training

Q: Tell us the story of how your business started.

A: Throughout my life, I have trained dogs at many doggie daycares, pet stores and even shelters. At the last pet store I worked for, my manager was very supportive of me andmarketing my dog training business my techniques. She encouraged me to open my own training studio, so I took the plunge and opened My Best Buddy.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a small business owner?

A: There are a few things, but probably my favorite is the level of personal interaction I get to have with my clients. At many places I worked before I owned my own business, the management dictated how I trained, so being able to be in control of my curriculum now is huge. I also love that I get to make my own schedule.

Q: What are you most proud of about your business?

A: We work with a varying degrees of behavioral issues, and it’s always the best when a dog does something that an owner never thought was possible, whether that be a dog walking calmly with other dogs, learning to sit and stay, or anything in between. When an owner is elated about their dog’s progress, that’s always the best feeling!

11988692_845567142222803_3928267073267087508_nQ: What have been your biggest challenges?

A: Getting started. I have been open only a year and getting the word out there, growing business and getting new clients, was the biggest challenge. I’m so thankful to have invested in Signpost — I remember I was terrified to take the leap and sign up, but I believe it’s been a truly great investment. Being able to have access to clients not only through email but also through text messaging is so convenient. I love being able to send out promotions or coupons with one swift click or the have them scheduled so they get sent even if I am not thinking about it. All of these things keep my business and me in the forefront of people’s minds and have helped keep my doors open. Really, I just love all Signpost provides.

Q: What tips would you give to a small business owner just starting out?

A: Never underestimate the power of good marketing!

Q: What would you do with an extra hour in the day? (Besides more work!)

A: Read or sleep.

Q: What’s the craziest customer/order you’ve ever had?dscf0699

A: I had a woman once want me to talk to her dog, and I mean legitimately talk to him. She thought that he needed a doggie psychologist, and if he could just come in and talk with me he would be a better dog.

Q: How do you define success?

A: Helping owners gain success with their dogs. I can make all the money in the world, but if I am not doing that one thing (helping owners connect with their dogs), then I am not successful.

Q: If your business was an animal, what animal would it be?

A: Well a dog, duh!

Promoting my Dog Training Business

art of local

Want to hear more stories like Christy’s? Check out Signpost’s Art of Local channels on Facebook and Instagram!

New: Customer Segmentation, Purchase Tracking and New Review Sites

Today, we’re thrilled to announce three major new features that will allow you to connect with customers in powerful new ways. Informed by the most compelling innovations in marketing best practices, these tools will be instrumental in keeping customers engaged and returning!

What do customer segmentation, purchase tracking and more review sites mean for your business?

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Meet Mia: A New Way To Connect With Customers

Mia automated marketing

Last month Mia was born. You might have read about it in some leading media outlets, but now that she’s arrived, we wanted to introduce you to her ourselves. Drum roll, please…

Mia is the world’s first artificially intelligent marketing assistant, and she enables you to connect with customers in a new way. Collecting emails, phone numbers and purchase information for your previous, current and future customers,  Mia creates robust profiles that allow her to keep track of their activity, preferences and behaviors.

Best of all, this data empowers Mia to automatically send the perfect messages to the right customers at the right time to keep them engaged and your business top-of-mind. These targeted emails and text messages drive feedback, testimonials, 5-star reviews, customer loyalty and referrals. All without having to lift a finger!

With data on more than 16 million US consumers across more than 6,000 Signpost customers, Mia is continuously learning and identifying new patterns that allow her to optimize your marketing efforts. She bridges a particularly tricky gap for all those without an advanced degree in data science or the budget for exorbitant analytical tools, but who still want to reap the benefits of a data-driven approach to customer acquisition and retention. Mia is constantly honing her skills and reporting the results, so you can rest assured that she’s working hard to deliver the best outcomes for your business’s bottom line.

Find out how Mia can drive outcomes for your business, today! 

Infographic: Making Sense of Digital Marketing

Modern marketing has become an ambiguous and complicated endeavor. Between so many sites, advertising options and directories claiming to improve your presence and drive new business, it can feel like you’re spending countless hours and dollars on marketing efforts that just aren’t paying off. That’s why we created this new infographic in order to demystify some of the uncertainty surrounding digital marketing practices – by the numbers. Hopefully, this data can empower you to take back control of your local marketing efforts!


Local Marketing Infographic

New for 2016: Custom Campaigns, SMS Marketing, and Testimonials Page

Today we’re excited to announce three powerful new features to the Signpost platform to help you start the new year on the right note: Custom Campaigns, SMS Marketing, and Testimonials. As always, these product updates will help you to maintain stronger relationships with your customers, which ultimately results in more outcomes for your local business!

So what exactly do these features do?

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Custom Campaigns:


With the addition of Custom Campaigns, Signpost users can now create custom newsletters and other free form emails with our easy-to-use templates. You can even add images and customize your call to action button!

The options of what you can send are endless, but below are a few great suggestions to help you get started.

You could:

  1. announce an up-coming in-store event
  2. announce a new product line or service offering
  3. announce a change of address or phone number
  4. encourage customers to buy gift cards
  5. encourage customers to join your SMS marketing list
  6. share a list of recent reviews or testimonials
  7. promote a landing page or your website

and the list goes on!

Email MarketingThis provides users with added flexibility and customization. Super busy? Signpost will keep running automated campaigns in the background without the need for you to lift a finger. Have a spare moment to focus on your marketing? Signpost now gives you the option to quickly and easily create more customized campaigns, allowing you to better personalize your marketing efforts and promote your business’s brand. Best of all, Signpost tracks and displays the results of your announcement emails in the merchant center, so you can effectively evaluate and compare outcomes.

SMS Marketing:

Automated email has long been at the core of Signpost’s platform, and now with the additionSMS Marketing of SMS Marketing, all of the power of Signpost’s automated email campaigns will be available through text messaging as well. Just as with email, once a month Signpost will automatically follow-up by text message with customers who have opted-in to your SMS list, asking for feedback, reviews, referrals, and more.

With SMS marketing in your arsenal, your business will be at the cutting edge of
contemporary marketing strategies
. Not only is mobile usage growing rapidly, with 64% of consumers reporting they have made a purchase as a result of a mobile message, it has also been cited as being 8x more effective than email in getting messages across. For more information and ideas on how to best leverage your SMS marketing campaigns, you can read our blog post on building your SMS marketing list here.

Testimonials Page:

Customer Testimonials

Finally, with the addition of the Testimonials Page, Signpost users can collect all of the valuable feedback Signpost’s CRM drives into one centralized, shareable place. Signpost automatically creates a page for each user’s business and populates it with testimonials generated through the customer email & SMS prompts. Signpost users then have the option to choose which testimonials appear on the page. This page is a great way to aid in gaining organic traffic and generating the ever-elusive and important positive word of mouth: you can share it with prospects, link to it from your website, add it to your email signature, post it on social media and more! And don’t forget to include a link in the next email newsletter you send out!

All together, these three features make Signpost, and subsequently your business’s marketing efforts, more powerful than ever. Not a Signpost user yet? Schedule a demo today to get started using these features and more in our all-in-one platform!


Signpost Local Marketing Software Case Study | Health & Medical: Left Coast Acupuncture

Left Coast AcupunctureLeft Coast Acupuncture Takes the Ache Out of Patient Relationship Management with Automated Remarketing

Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized local businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our blog. This post reviews the story of Left Coast Acupuncture in Oakland, CA.

1) Tell us a little bit about Left Coast Acupuncture.

Left Coast Acupuncture first opened its doors in the Bay Area in 2013 in the up and coming neighborhood of Oakland, CA. Focusing specifically on acupuncture, we now offer a wide range of services, including Chinese Herbal Medicine, massage (including body work, Shiatsu, and deep tissue), nutritional therapy, and lifestyle counseling to help patients become healthy, vibrant, and pain-free.

Opening a clinic was the culmination of years of hard work – I remember holding two jobs in the beginning, I was working at a restaurant while trying to get the clinic off the ground, with 80-90 hour work weeks – that’s part of what it takes to open your own business.

2) How do you promote your services?

As a relatively young business – our focus on marketing solutions in the past have been related to patient acquisition. To that end, we’ve tried local deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. Both were quite successful at bringing in patients through the door, which was exactly what we wanted. However, over time, we found that with these services, some patients were just seeking the best deal and weren’t returning.

Left Coast Acupuncture Feedback Email

3) How does Signpost fit your marketing strategy?

Unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, Signpost takes it further. It takes a little longer to see results, but it is developing more and more. We’re always thinking of better ways to utilize the product. It’s very multi-dimensional and it helps generate quality leads.

We wanted a marketing platform that was automated, easy to use, modern, and tech-savvy. I would always get marketers pitching me constantly and Signpost had more to offer than a “let me increase your rankings on Google” pitch. With Signpost, you can see real business results as they happen.

In addition, things that I normally didn’t have the time to do before – can all be accomplished automatically or with a click of a button. I can contact my entire patient base, send out remarketing emails and request feedback and reviews automatically to better our business and attract more patients. Without a doubt, it’s brought patients back to the door. One of the biggest things that Signpost has helped with has been managing reviews online, in the span of just a few months Left Coast Acupuncture has garnered six more 5-star reviews on Yelp! The more positive online reviews I get, the more people find and try my business.

4) At Signpost, one of our core values is “Signpost fights for small businesses.” How have you experienced this so far?

When I first started out on the platform, it was a busy time for me and finding 15 minutes to talk with my Account Manager wasn’t easy. But he completely understood and made a concentrated effort to reach out and address my concerns.

A lot of companies don’t offer this at all – but quality customer service seems to be a part of the culture at Signpost. If you want to talk to someone you just email and they’ll call you back pretty fast.

Signpost’s CEO on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis

Veteran tech industry titans and early stage entrepreneurs know to tune into This Week in Startups for smart advice and the latest bleeding edge news from Silicon Valley.

Signpost’s CEO Stuart Wall recently joined host Jason Calacanis to talk about our company’s growth and why he’s bullish on Main Street tech in 2015.

For more insight into Signpost’s breakout 2014, and why Jason is more excited than ever about being an investor watch the full episode now!

13 Things that Inevitably Happen When You Start Working at Signpost

Working at a start-up is different than a traditional office atmosphere. Waay different. Suits & ties are exchanged for Bahama Tees and cargo shorts (but not really), earphones are replaced by communal music (DJ’s always welcome), and Mondays around the water cooler turn into hang-outs by the keg.

Signpost is no different – and after an extensive poll of our incredible office managers in Austin, Denver and New York, we’ve narrowed down 13 things that makes a Signposter, well a Signposter.

1. You use the word ‘Impact’ in every other sentence


We all have an impact every day and sometimes, you’ll find yourself using ‘Impact’ as a filler word like ‘uhm’ and ‘hmm.’

2. You tell your friends to choose small local businesses when they shop

Is this chicken local?

And lecture them about the reasons why they should if they don’t.

3. You are amazed by how much work you can do with music that belongs in a night club

Who knew ‘Animals’ (by Martin Garrix) was such a good song to make calls and write emails.

4. You always want to win even if there’s no competition

challenge accepted

You can make a competition out of anything and that crazy drive to win can spill into your interactions outside of the office.

5. You start the year without shaving


Move over Movember, at Signpost we’re all about Manuary. Halfway through this year’s annual Manuary fundraiser and we’ve already passed the $6,000 mark in donations! That’s a lot of hair.

6. You have experienced different office space as the company grows quickly

Signpost Office

At least you’ll master the art of making new friends! Oh wait…still the same people.

7. Your favorite clothing brand is Max the Mole


Nordstrom super-saver deal going on? Kenneth Cole? No thanks, I got Max the Mole.

8. Your middle name is Coffee and Seltzer

You can call me Seltzer…Coffee Seltzer. And you know to grab extra packs of Hazelnut when re-stock day comes around.

9. You can help anybody to get found


You’ve spent so much time helping local businesses get found, you’ve mastered the art of finding the needle in the haystack – on multiple occasions.

10. You have preferred ping pong paddle and go-to partner for doubles


Doubles? Doubles.

11. You know new hires by their lack of a GIF game

Oh, no gif in your email reply? You must be new here.

12. You high-five so much your hands are numb

Whenever a sale is made, you tense in anticipation of the incoming high-fives – in the best way possible.

13. You love it here


Cause at the end of the day, we’re all here for one reason – to empower local businesses to be the best they can be and have fun in the process.


Signpost on the 2015 Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies List

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 3.15.17 PM

Forbes just published their list with America’s Most Promising Companies. We’re proud to say that Signpost has made the list once again at #94 after also being part of it in 2014.

As a recap, this annual list reviews and ranks high-growth, privately-held companies with under $250 million in annual revenue. The methodology according to Forbes:

Though we prize growth numbers on our Most Promising list, top line doesn’t say everything. We want sustainable growth, so we strive to take a holistic gauge of the companies that apply. Over the course of four months we reviewed hundreds of applications from businesses across the country. The final assessment is based on growth (both in sales and hiring), quality of management team and investors, margins, market size and key partnerships.

Joining the ranks of such high growth startups like Instacart, Slack and Box as well as close-to-our-heart local franchises such as Pizza Studio and 9Round, we are grateful and honored by this achievement.

Continuing the trend of accomplishments from last year, this marks the beginning of a great 2015 and we look forward to maintaining the trend in the year to come! #SignpostWins


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