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Signpost has been founded in 2010. Since then we’ve helped thousands of local businesses, established offices in New York, Austin and Denver, and received funding by Google Ventures, Spark Capital, OpenView Ventures and Scout Ventures. Here we share a peek into our office culture and provide updates on Signpost.

New: Suggested Campaigns and Brand Update


If you’ve been on the Signpost website today, you might’ve noticed that things look a little….different today. Don’t worry, you are in the right place, and our commitment to empowering local businesses, large and small, is stronger than ever. And in the spirit of that commitment, today we’re thrilled to announce two exciting updates: Suggested Campaigns and the launch of our new look! Though they might seem unrelated, they have more in common than you’d think.

Suggested Campaigns: More Impact, Less Time

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Get to Know Signpost: NYC HQ

Every day our NYC team filters into HQ and are greeted by this declaration of our core values. It’s a welcome reminder every morning that we’re empowering local businesses with our product. But this is only one of the many reasons that keep our team excited, focused, and motivated.

we fight for local businesses

We chatted with our some of our amazing co-workers at HQ to learn more about what first drew them to the company,  who inspires them, and their favorite aspects of working at Signpost!

Interested in joining the Signpost team? Check out our current openings and apply today!


Also check out these recent articles celebrating our fun office and sales traditions!

Glassdoor Names Stuart Wall A Highest Rated CEO

Today Signpost’s CEO Stuart Wall was named one of Glassdoor’s highest rated CEOs.


Glassdoor, known as the most transparent jobs and careers marketplace, releases this annual report highlighting the Highest Rated CEOs in several countries. Stu ranks #16 out of 25 on the list of U.S. of companies (with less than 1,000 employees) with a 92% approval rating!

For those already familiar with our company culture, this isn’t going to come as a great shock. Employees, partners and investors all know that you can count on Stu to lead and that his door is always open for new opinions or a friendly hello.

As the CEO and founder of Signpost, Stuart oversees strategy, product development, sales and marketing. Stuart launched Signpost in 2010 and has since led the company through initial funding from Google Ventures and Spark Capital to the large, growing business Signpost is today.

CEO approval ratings are gathered through Glassdoor’s online company review survey, which seeks to gain current and former employee sentiment about job and company satisfaction, the work environment and the culture.

Check out the complete list here.

Signpost’s CEO on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis

Veteran tech industry titans and early stage entrepreneurs know to tune into This Week in Startups for smart advice and the latest bleeding edge news from Silicon Valley.

Signpost’s CEO Stuart Wall recently joined host Jason Calacanis to talk about our company’s growth and why he’s bullish on Main Street tech in 2015.

For more insight into Signpost’s breakout 2014, and why Jason is more excited than ever about being an investor watch the full episode now!

13 Things that Inevitably Happen When You Start Working at Signpost

Working at a start-up is different than a traditional office atmosphere. Waay different. Suits & ties are exchanged for Bahama Tees and cargo shorts (but not really), earphones are replaced by communal music (DJ’s always welcome), and Mondays around the water cooler turn into hang-outs by the keg.

Signpost is no different – and after an extensive poll of our incredible office managers in Austin, Denver and New York, we’ve narrowed down 13 things that makes a Signposter, well a Signposter.

1. You use the word ‘Impact’ in every other sentence


We all have an impact every day and sometimes, you’ll find yourself using ‘Impact’ as a filler word like ‘uhm’ and ‘hmm.’

2. You tell your friends to choose small local businesses when they shop

Is this chicken local?

And lecture them about the reasons why they should if they don’t.

3. You are amazed by how much work you can do with music that belongs in a night club

Who knew ‘Animals’ (by Martin Garrix) was such a good song to make calls and write emails.

4. You always want to win even if there’s no competition

challenge accepted

You can make a competition out of anything and that crazy drive to win can spill into your interactions outside of the office.

5. You start the year without shaving


Move over Movember, at Signpost we’re all about Manuary. Halfway through this year’s annual Manuary fundraiser and we’ve already passed the $6,000 mark in donations! That’s a lot of hair.

6. You have experienced different office space as the company grows quickly

Signpost Office

At least you’ll master the art of making new friends! Oh wait…still the same people.

7. Your favorite clothing brand is Max the Mole


Nordstrom super-saver deal going on? Kenneth Cole? No thanks, I got Max the Mole.

8. Your middle name is Coffee and Seltzer

You can call me Seltzer…Coffee Seltzer. And you know to grab extra packs of Hazelnut when re-stock day comes around.

9. You can help anybody to get found


You’ve spent so much time helping local businesses get found, you’ve mastered the art of finding the needle in the haystack – on multiple occasions.

10. You have preferred ping pong paddle and go-to partner for doubles


Doubles? Doubles.

11. You know new hires by their lack of a GIF game

Oh, no gif in your email reply? You must be new here.

12. You high-five so much your hands are numb

Whenever a sale is made, you tense in anticipation of the incoming high-fives – in the best way possible.

13. You love it here


Cause at the end of the day, we’re all here for one reason – to empower local businesses to be the best they can be and have fun in the process.


Signpost on the 2015 Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies List

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 3.15.17 PM

Forbes just published their list with America’s Most Promising Companies. We’re proud to say that Signpost has made the list once again at #94 after also being part of it in 2014.

As a recap, this annual list reviews and ranks high-growth, privately-held companies with under $250 million in annual revenue. The methodology according to Forbes:

Though we prize growth numbers on our Most Promising list, top line doesn’t say everything. We want sustainable growth, so we strive to take a holistic gauge of the companies that apply. Over the course of four months we reviewed hundreds of applications from businesses across the country. The final assessment is based on growth (both in sales and hiring), quality of management team and investors, margins, market size and key partnerships.

Joining the ranks of such high growth startups like Instacart, Slack and Box as well as close-to-our-heart local franchises such as Pizza Studio and 9Round, we are grateful and honored by this achievement.

Continuing the trend of accomplishments from last year, this marks the beginning of a great 2015 and we look forward to maintaining the trend in the year to come! #SignpostWins

Signpost Welcomes 2015 With a Look Back at 2014

Signpost Welcomes 2015 With a Look Back at 2014

Happy new year!

It’s been quite a journey for everyone here at Signpost in 2014. As we set our horizons on 2015 and beyond, we’d like to remember the things that have happened to get us to where we are now.

While our true victories lie in empowering local businesses every day to be the best they can be, here is Signpost’s 2014 Year in Review with a few important milestones (click each milestone to learn more about them):

Image Map

Interested in joining the Team? Check out our available positions to see current openings!

Signpost Nabs #27 on Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC

Signpost Nabs #27 Spot on Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC List

In October – we mentioned that Signpost had been named among Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC. We’re happy to announce that the report has officially been released with Signpost claiming the 27th spot, beating out companies like AOL Inc., Shazam Entertainment and Buzzfeed!

What does being a Top Workplace truly mean? Here’s the description straight from Crain’s:

The city’s robust job growth and shrinking unemployment rate have upped the ante for finding and keeping great employees. Just ask the 100 organizations that earned a coveted ranking on Crain’s annual Best Places to Work in New York City. They hail from diverse fields, yet share a commitment to making their workplaces welcoming, stimulating and even fun. They go out of their way to support, inspire and empower their workers by doing everything from providing dream benefits and perks to assigning mentors to newbies. The 100 Best Companies don’t scrimp on letting employees know how much they are needed, respected and treasured.

At Signpost, it isn’t enough to simply meet the quota – we want everyone to excelgrow, and feel like an owner. We offer a generous employee equity plan and a world class executive team that works closely with its members.

Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why we offer a wide open office (with unlimited snacks of course!) perfectly geared to promoting interactions and having fun with those around you alongside areas where you can focus in relative quiet. Spontaneous Ping-Pong matches, hanging by the kitchen and playing your favorite songs are a part of every day at Signpost.

From being featured in Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies to being named a Top Workplace of Greater Austin by The Austin American-Statesman, Signpost has been making waves with no signs of slowing down!

None of this would’ve been possible without support from our customers, and of course – our fantastic team! Honors like these prove to us that we, as a company, are living our core values:

We fight for small businesses

We focus on impact

We act like owners

We make our own luck

Our team wins

Interested in joining the Team? Check out our available positions to see current openings!

Signpost Named Top Workplace by The Austin American Statesman

Signpost Named Top Workplace by The Austin American Statesman

After being named Top Workplace by Crain’s in October, this week Signpost has been listed as a 2014 Top Workplace by The Austin American Statesman. You can find the full list here, with Signpost being included in the ‘Small Employers (149 or fewer employees)’ category.

We’re honored to be included in this list that covers one of the hottest startup and tech communities of the country, and being featured among fellow pioneering companies such as WP Engine, Tableau Software, Microsoft and

The Signpost Austin office is nearing our 2nd anniversary. While we’ve come a long way since and have grown the team significantly with a stellar local sales management team, we’re proud that we continue to offer an exciting and driven environment while ensuring fun among the team and occasionally bringing along our best friend.

Click here to learn more about Signpost and our available jobs in Austin.

Signpost at Streetfight Summit NY

Leaders in the local space converged in New York Tuesday for Streetfight’s “Local in the City” Summit.

Signpost was featured along with other influential companies, such as Facebook, Ebay, Google and Groupon who are all best in class for their mobile, local and digital service offerings.

Our CEO Stuart Wall spoke specifically on the rise of marketing automation in local with Booker CEO Josh McCarter and ShopKeep VP of Product Drew Schwartz.


Our thanks to Streetfight for including us! Here is a recap of the session.



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