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The 2016 Holiday Planning Toolkit for Salons

Have you heard? The holiday season isn’t reserved just for retail anymore! As consumers seek out creative gift ideas for those on their holiday lists, they’re turning more often to options that can provide an experience over possessions.  All sorts of service businesses can stand to gain an extra boost during these vital last few months of the year, but perhaps none so much as salons, who help us look and feel our best all year long, especially during the many celebrations and family events the season brings.

With company or community holiday parties, family photo shoots for greeting cardssalon holiday guide, seasonal recitals, concerts, plays and many more, there’s no shortage of important life events taking place during this time. We all want to make sure that we’re in fine form for these (and the countless photos and videos that will be circulating for years to come!).

And don’t forget about gift cards! In fact, 41% of clients trying out a new salon for the first time, did so because of gift cards! For the customers who may be apprehensive to go this route, for fear of it feeling too transactional with a concrete dollar amount, instead promote it as being for a specific service or treatment. The gift giver can pay the full amount of the treatment, but only mark it as “Green tea spa pedicure” on the actual gift card. This will also provide good suggestions for those who may not have thought of it on their own. Create bundles with these gift cards and a few favorite products and advertise them as the perfect host or hostess gift at holiday parties.

Finally, remind your clients to treat themselves this holiday season. It can be a stressful time for consumers everywhere, so encourage them to indulge in some pampering, or offer specials to those proactive shoppers who finish their shopping early!

You might not be in retail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive and successful holiday season. The key is to plan head and set clear goals that will keep you on track, and ensure that you finish the year strong!

Download the free 2016 Holiday Planning Toolkit for Salons now!

Infographic: Online Reviews and Revenue Potential

When it comes to your business, it’s hard not to get caught up in the drama of online reviews. And for good reason; each glowing, five-star review that comes in can be the closest thing to an acknowledgement of a job well done for business owners. Similarly, the sting that comes with a critical review, is not one that’s easily forgotten. Beyond the hurt feelings and pats on the back, have you ever wondered what the actual, tangible impact that such reviews (for better and worse) have on your bottom line?

We’ve put together some data from our recent, local business survey, along with others, to create this snapshot of the effect online reviews can have:

the value of online reviews


The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

promoting my salon

May is Salon Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! This means that in addition to our usual posts with tips on connecting with customers, marketing strategy, and growing your business, we’ll be sharing insights specifically for local salon professionals. If that includes you, it’s time to polish up on these proven promotion techniques. If not, don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our usual resources that can help you effectively market your local business. And keep your eyes peeled, your industry might be the one we feature next month!

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

Attracting new clients while retaining current ones is no easy task for busy salon owners facing steep competition. One study found that, “The profitability of individual companies depends on technical expertise and marketing skills.” Few salon owners gethow to get more clients in your salon into this industry due to a love of marketing, but it’s become integral to the success and growth of your business, regardless. But with so many responsibilities already, it can be a constant struggle to stay up-to-date on marketing tasks.

So, we’ve aggregated the most valuable tips and even included data on the efficacy of various tactics, so that you can make the most out of your marketing.

Download our free checklist to:

Fortify Your Online Presence

  • Optimizing your website, and what to include
  • Online Directory Listings
  • Social Pages
  • Tips on Online Reputation Management

Getting New Clients For Your Salon

  • Strategic CTA Button Placement
  • Promotion Ideas
  • Event Marketing Ideas
  • Contest Ideas
  • Setting Up A Referral Strategy

Driving Repeat Visits for Clients

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SMS Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Creating a Loyalty Program That Works

…and more!

Download the checklist and keep your salon’s marketing on track!

Nail Salons: Creating a Referral Program That Works

May is Salon Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! This means that in addition to our usual posts with tips on connecting with customers, marketing strategy, and growing your business, we’ll be sharing insights specifically for local salon professionals. If that includes you, it’s time to polish up on these proven promotion techniques. If not, don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our usual resources that can help you effectively market your local business. And keep your eyes peeled, your industry might be the one we feature next month!

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

promoting my salon

Referrals are the best gift a business owner can receive. Unfortunately, far too often they’re treated as just that, instead of a customer acquisition technique that requires its own strategy in order to be truly effective. Comprising 65% of all new business, referrals are also 4 times more likely to buy than other prospective customers. With such valuable prospects, it’s even more important to think through the entire process from start to finish, so you can encourage your customers to take various actions throughout. You’ll find that when you cultivate a referrals mindset, you can drive even more business by leveraging your existing customers. We’ve outlined the best way to start the process, along with tips for asking and creative campaigns to drive more referrals.

Selecting Incentives

Calculating Customer Value

First, it’s important to evaluate the value of your average client. Dive into your customer data to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the typical purchase amount?referrals for nail salons
  2. What is the typical purchase frequency? (How often do they come in?)
  3. What is the typical customer time period for repeat business? (How long do they keep returning?)

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Hair Salons: Creating a Powerful Online Presence

May is Salon Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! This means that in addition to our usual posts with tips on connecting with customers, marketing strategy, and growing your business, we’ll be sharing insights specifically for local salon professionals. If that includes you, it’s time to polish up on these proven promotion techniques. If not, don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our usual resources that can help you effectively market your local business. And keep your eyes peeled, your industry might be the one we feature next month!

Check out our recent post to find out how to position your salon for success. Want your industry to be featured? Let us know!

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

promoting my salon

Finding new clients can be a constant battle for stylists. However, with all the time you already invest honing your craft and staying a cut above the latest trends and styles, there’s not much left to spend worrying about keeping your chair occupied. Getting your salon found by potential customers starts with your online presence. Following these steps when setting up your salon’s web presence can help ensure you get the most out of your efforts and drive more business.

It all starts with your business’s website:

Your salon’s website is its home base. While it’s important to have a presence on other places around the web (and more on that point in a bit!), you need to have an online asset that you own and control. That’s where your website comes in. Social pages, directories and review sites should be directing traffic back to your site. We recently partnered with Weebly for a webinar on online reputation management, where they emphasized the idea of your business’s site as a hub. Think of it in this way, and you can cultivate a community around your styling expertise.

This starts on a basic level in selecting your domain name. Make sure it represents what how salons can attract new customersyou do, as specifically as possible. When creating the various pages, be sure to emphasize these differentiators — what makes your business special, as well as the location. This helps your site get discovered when potential customers start searching for salon options in their area. Think of this process of identifying and focusing on these differentiators as the beginning of building your brand.

Include forms to capture customer data wherever possible on your site. This can be a form requesting more info on a particular service, an online appointment booking, or just a simple email form that promises to keep them updated on all the latest news. These will help you grow your email subscriber lists, and drive repeat business. And don’t forget to link to your social pages, and third-party review sites (like Yelp, Google My Business, Allure, etc.) to encourage them to engage with your salon there and check out your favorable reviews.

All of your salon’s most important information should be easily accessible on the homepage. This includes hours, address, directions (and parking info, when applicable), as well as an up-to-date list of services as well as pricing. Keep this structure in mind when building a mobile-optimized version of your site. With so many people searching for businesses on their smartphones, watches and tablets, it has become important to ensure they have a great user experience across all devices. This means fast load times as well as pages that are responsive. Make sure all this vital info is as close to the top of the page as possible, so they can easily call once they find your site. Also putting appointment forms on the homepage allows them to convert without any friction in the process.

Finally, don’t be afraid to show off a little. Including testimonials on your site can increase your conversions by 34%. Be sure to place them prominently in the upper 1/3 of the page, for the best results. This exposes potential customers to the phenomenal experience others have had at your salon and reduces any uncertainty or fears they might have over trying out a new stylist.

Keep content fresh

It’s essential to the success of your salon that you keep your business information updated. Nothing is worse than a customer coming in expecting to pay one price for a service, and finding out that the price has been increased. Even when this is unintentional (we get it, it’s normal for costs to fluctuate!), it breaks the trust or the promise that your business made when it reported on pricing on your site. Oftentimes, this new customer’s impression will be affected negatively. They’ll feel scammed and will be unlikely to return.

Similarly, you should make an effort to keep other aspects fresh for frequent visitors to your site. If you start a blog, be sure you don’t neglect it. Try to post at least once a week, and on a consistent cadence, so that your audience will know what to expect and continue to return each week looking for new tips or other insights based on your experience. And if you have special seasonal offers, make sure you change the regularly (at least once a season!). Nothing looks worse than summer specials promoted in November!

List your salon on online directories and create social profiles

Make sure that your address is formatted in the same manner in as many directories as possible. You never know which one a prospective customer might come across in their search for a new salon, so you want to be wherever your customers are! This includes review sites, so make sure you claim your profile on Yelp and Google My Business, and set them up on Allure and any other salon review sites. Yelp estimates that just by having a profile on the platform, the average business see an additional $8000 in revenue a year!

Online directories can also help with SEO efforts, which allow your website to be found by search engines. This list is a great place to start and has many free directories that you can list your business on. Again, keep your info formatted consistently throughout (as slight variations can hurt your SEO work). For example, make sure that if your salon is located at 1247 Lost Tree Lane, Suite 700, that all of your listings look the same, and none say 1247 Lost Tree Ln., Ste. 700.

Similarly, you’ll want to set up profiles on various social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, etc. While it’s important to be where your audience is, some businesses overcommit when it comes to their social pages. Remember, each page you set up needs to be maintained on a daily (or at least weekly) basis. Rather than having many pages with little engagement and interaction, try focusing on one or two that a majority of your existing clients are on. Or, start polling them during appointments to determine which you should concentrate on.

Familiarize yourself with the nuances of each, and be sure to interact with other users accordingly. Instagram is a great way to share before and after photos of clients (always ask for their permission before sharing anywhere publicly!). But make sure that’s not all that’s represented. Post photos of you with other stylists, different events you have and attend and any other fun, “behind the scenes” glimpses you want to give into your business. This creates a deeper connection with existing clients.

Managing Online Reputation

If you’ve followed along this far, then your salon now has an online presence! While this is great news, it also means you now need to develop a strategy for safeguarding the online reputation of your business. While review sites and social pages are great ways to expose your work to new clients, they should always be monitored in case you need to get involved. If a customer posts a negative review, be sure to reach out to them privately to see if you can find a resolution.

This is your chance to not only win them back, but also demonstrate your dedication to client satisfaction. Afterwards, you can respond to the original comment stating that you’re happy you were able to find a way to fix it, and stand by your work. Bear in mind that these are your paying clients, so do your best to keep your cool and be respectful even if they’re being unreasonable. You might not be able to win every one back, but avoid aggravating the situation at all costs. Messy public arguments have an unfortunate knack of going viral, and continue to damage businesses long after the review has been posted.

Similarly, you should do your best to seek out positive reviews from your biggest advocates. Regularly ask for feedback, and remind them how important online reviews are for your business. Add in-store signage to remind customers to check out your profiles on these sites and hopefully leave positive reviews. Don’t be afraid to email or text customers you know well and ask (politely) for them to take a minute to review you or your salon. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so by sending them the link. If you don’t get the review or a response, don’t push the same people too hard on this, but send a gentle nudge, sparingly. Always make sure to thank them when they do, and check out this full list of ideas for driving more positive reviews, and responding to negative reviews.

Communications: Email and SMS marketing strategy

Now that you’ve set up the hub of your digital presence, use SMS and email to drive traffic back to it. Include a link to your site in your email signature, as well as any links to social pages and review sites. This way no matter what type of email you send out, whether a promotion or a simple appointment confirmation, you can direct clients to check out these pages, follow your salon or even leave a positive review!

Send out emails and text messages that keep your business top-of-mind with clients between visits, and remind others that they’re due for an appointment. You can keep them informed of promotions, exclusive events, and the latest news. Between high engagement rates, and most being read almost instantaneously, SMS marketing is a great way to drum up business on a slow day. Send out a text blast offering a discount on any appointments made for that day. Or, try out any of these creative sms campaigns. Send out emails and texts that drive repeat business, reviews and referrals. As a reminder, Signpost’s Mia automates all of these initiatives so that you don’t have to manage them manually, all while protecting your reputation by intercepting negative reviews and prompting new customers to make an appointment.

Tanning Salons: Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns To Promote Your Business

May is Salon Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! This means that in addition to our usual posts with tips on connecting with customers, marketing strategy, and growing your business, we’ll be sharing insights specifically for local salon professionals. If that includes you, it’s time to polish up on these proven promotion techniques. If not, don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our usual resources that can help you effectively market your local business. And keep your eyes peeled, your industry might be the one we feature next month!

Check out last week’s post to discover how to position your salon for success. Want your industry to be featured? Let us know!

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

promoting my salon

Perhaps no other salon faces off against a more daunting foe than tanning salons do with seasonality. And unlike other specializations in the industry, tanning businesses can

promoting your tanning businessalready be at a disadvantage when it comes to customer retention due to the typically solitary nature of the services. You and your staff have only a short window of interaction at the beginning and end of clients’ traditional tanning appointments in order to make an impression on them and foster the relationship. For these reasons (and many many more), it is even more essential for salon owners to put together a comprehensive communications strategy for their tanning business that makes effective use of email and SMS marketing efforts. On average, more than half of your new customers will not return, but these winning campaigns will help nurture fickle new clients by keeping your salon top-of-mind, so that you can get the most value out of this large customer base.

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Salon Marketing 101: Positioning Your Salon For Success

promoting my salon

May is Salon Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! This means that in addition to our usual posts with tips on connecting with customers, marketing strategy, and growing your business, we’ll be sharing insights specifically for local salon professionals. If that includes you, it’s time to polish up on these proven promotion techniques. If not, don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our usual resources that can help you effectively market your local business. And keep your eyes peeled, your industry might be the one we feature next month!

Want your industry to be featured? Let us know!

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

You’ve got enough on your mind when running your salon without having to worry about keeping your chairs filled. Putting together a comprehensive marketing plan can seem like a massive commitment, never mind the time it takes to execute on that strategy and stay on track. However, in order to drive new and repeat business through the door, it’s essential to be consistent with your efforts. Get started today with these tips to improve your salon’s presence and encourage more bookings.

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7 Hot Marketing Tips to Keep Your Salon Customers Coming Back

7 Hot Tips to Make Sure Your Salon Customers are Coming BackNow that you’ve put a great deal of time and effort into getting new customers into your salon, how can you keep them coming back? Repeat business is, after all, exponentially better than new business, and a client in the chair is worth two on the street. There’s no substitute for exceptional value and impeccable customer service of course, but what else can you do to encourage customer loyalty and keep your clients wanting more?

Here are 7 must-dos to keep those chairs filled and the cash register ringing.

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

1. Email Marketing: Of all the ways to engage with your customers, email is and will always be a mainstay. With 3 times the number of email accounts as Twitter and Facebook accounts combined, email presents an enormous opportunity. Encourage your customers to sign up for your email list to receive notice of special offers, discounts, and coupons. After that, it’s as simple as delivering on your promise! Above all else, don’t spam your email list with high pressure sales tactics; use it to follow up after a service with a simple thank you note, let them know of relevant specials (based on past services), and send them birthday greetings with a coupon. Consider using an email client like MailChimp to manage your email lists and measure the performance of your emails.

2. SMS Marketing: SMS marketing is sending text messages to customers who have given you (opted-in) their cell phone number. Clients may be reluctant to give out this information so freely, so the request should be handled delicately. Make it clear to your customers that they will not receive spammy texts but rather will be included in a select group of clients to receive exclusive offers, e-coupons, and timely discounts that they would otherwise not have access to – after all, no one likes the feeling of having missed out. The beauty of SMS marketing is that 90% of SMS texts are read within 5 seconds of receiving it so if you’re having a slow afternoon or some last minute cancellations, try and fill those slots with a well-targeted offer, and you might be surprised at the results.

3. Loyalty Rewards Programs: The value of a great loyalty program cannot be overstated when it comes to salon marketing. With a well-designed rewards program, your customers will not only be pleased with the benefits they are receiving, but they may come to feel invested to the point where they wouldn’t even consider looking elsewhere – which is great for you!

4. Social Media: Although email and SMS marketing are the uncontested champions of remarketing through notifications and coupons, social media is the perfect medium to interact online with your customers. Post photos, videos, news updates and testimonials, and encourage comments and questions. When comments do come in, respond to them! Foster a sense of family and make your customers feel like their input matters.

5. Package Deals:  Most local business owners know that package deals are a great way of keeping customers coming back. If you haven’t completely sold the client after the first service, you have four more chances to wow them if they’ve purchased a package deal of five. There are many variations of salon packages you can put together; the key is to make sure that not all of the services will be performed on the same day.

6. Contests and Giveaways: Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win something? Holding a regular giveaway will keep customers engaged with your salon on a personal level, checking your website, blog or social media pages to see who won this week and what the next prize is. Whether you pick business cards out of a jar, randomly select a customer receipt number or ask contestants to come up with a name or solve a puzzle, it’s great fun for everyone and an effective way to gather telephone numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes.

7. Daily Deals and Lunch Specials: An effective daily deal benefits the salon AND the client. Use it to introduce new products and services, reduce a slow moving product inventory, or put clients into chairs during periods that are otherwise slow. And for the customer on the go, consider offering a lunch-hour quickie; a well-planned, highly choreographed in-and-out appointment that can take care of business during her precious lunch hour — something along the lines of “40 minutes or it’s free.” Busy executives will pay a premium for such service, and the customer loyalty it will engender is priceless.

When it comes to salon marketing, it’s best to remember that this is an industry where a personal connection with the client is key to customer loyalty. Fortunately, today’s modern technology offers so many different ways to engage with customers, foster that loyalty and keep your salon top-of-mind even in between visits!

7 Ways to Market Your Salon to Attract More Customers

7 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your SalonWhen it comes to bringing in more customers to your salon, there’s no more powerful influence than word of mouth referrals from friends. Most people are understandably wary about trying a new stylist, since the consequences of a poor fit can be devastating. A recommendation from a friend, therefore, is a much stronger lure than any special offer or discount when it comes to one’s hair. The salon business is uniquely personal, so salon marketing requires a personal touch. Here are seven ways to encourage word of mouth referrals to bring in more customers to your salon.

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

1. Offer Rewards for Referrals

Your customers may love you, but they have a lot on their minds and talking you up to their friends may not be a priority. Sometimes they just need a little incentive. Everyone loves a reward, even a small one. But, choose wisely. It should be enough of an incentive to make it worth their while to recommend you, but not such a good deal that they’ll set up a phony customer just to get the reward.

2. Encourage Customer Reviews

If you haven’t already done so, claim your Yelp page along with Google Plus and any other review sites, and optimize them with photos and helpful information. Then encourage customers to visit your sites and post reviews. Take advantage of the extraordinary circumstances when a client is extremely grateful and let them know how much you’d appreciate it if they would share their experience. There are many such opportunities, like when you squeeze in that last minute emergency appointment, or rescue someone from a bad perm or botched color.

3. Offer Introductory Specials

Lure in new customers with a “try me” special. Keep it safe and simple; let them get to know you before they trust you with their color or texture. If you have a deep conditioning treatment that customers are raving about, that’s a great way to give new clients a positive first experience. Combine it with a shampoo, trim, style or blowout and send them off looking and feeling fabulous. Post your introductory special on your social media sites, print it on the back of business cards for clients to give to their friends, hand out flyers or even send out postcards.

4. Leverage Social Media

People are increasingly mobile these days, so instead of chatting with neighbors over the back fence, they’re chatting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Conduct a survey of your favorite clients and find out which sites they’re frequenting, and set up business pages on those sites. Encourage them to like your pages so they’ll receive updates in their news feeds. Post daily specials, announce new products and services and offer helpful beauty tips and advice; things that your followers will want to pass on to their friends. You can even share funny salon-related pictures and videos in hopes that they will also be shared. Be sure to take advantage of the new call to action (CTA) buttons to encourage readers to visit your website or even make an appointment.

5. Partner with Complementary Businesses

Team up with other local businesses in the neighborhood that potential clients might frequent, such as fitness centers, cafes, boutiques and such. Offer to place their business cards and/or promotional materials on your counter if they will do the same. You’ll both benefit from the extra business, and it’s a great way to promote your introductory special.

6. Mail Out Postcards

Take advantage of the U.S. Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail service to geo-target specific neighborhoods in your area with postcards advertising your introductory special offer. It’s inexpensive, extremely simple and a great way to ensure that you’re reaching potential customers in your geographical area.

7. Throw a Party

Who doesn’t love a party? Pick a theme, whether it be girls’ night out, a holiday party, a grand opening or the introduction of a new product or service, and plan a very special evening. Have plenty of staff on hand to demonstrate techniques, products, services or just give a complete makeover to a lucky winner or winners, and be ready to wow your guests with the results. Be sure to have food, cocktails and door prizes, and promote it well in advance. Use flyers, posters, mailers, email, text messages and social media to remind all of your favorite clients to attend, and encourage them to bring their friends.

Remember, as a local business you want to attract local customers. Get to know and become a part of your local community, because that’s where your customers are. And don’t forget to nurture and leverage your greatest source of new customers — your current client base!

Get Your Salon Found With a Compelling Web Presence

Get Your Salon Found With a Compelling Web PresenceIt’s 2015, and if your spa or salon doesn’t yet have a web presence, you’re missing out on a lot of business. For whatever reason, salon owners and hairstylists are some of the last holdouts when it comes to creating a website for their businesses. Perhaps the concept of connecting online feels a bit foreign to those used to getting up close and personal with their customers. Like it or not, however, the Internet is here to stay, and online is where your would-be clients are searching for you. To operate without a website is like not having a sign in front of your establishment.

Like a business card, your website is often the first impression your customers will have of your business, and first impressions are lasting ones. It’s also where your clients can turn for information, such as your name, address and phone number. A website goes much, much further, however, in that it can provide information about your products and services, hours of operation, staff, prices, specials and specialties, and can even be used to make appointments.

Download The Complete Salon Marketing Checklist

Can I Build My Own Website?

Yes you can! Building a website for your local business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are many DIY sites that feature easy to use, intuitive software that requires little to no tech-savvy on your part. If you start with a hosting service such as Bluehost or GoDaddy, the basic package includes a choice of several different software programs at no extra charge, or alternatively, you can start with a software program, such as Weebly, Wix, Google Sites, DoodleKit, WordPress or MoonFruit, and choose your hosting partner through them. Most include a free version that includes up to five pages, which can always be upgraded later.

WordPress offers a wide variety of themes, including some that are specifically designed for spas and salons, and there are even more (many, many more) WordPress themes available for free and for purchase from different sites all over the Internet. Browsing through some of them on a site like ATheme is a great way to find inspiration.

Considerations for a Well Designed Website

Your website should reflect your business. Think of it as your lobby, where visitors can wander in off the street and see what you’re all about. You want it to be warm and welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing. Just as you wouldn’t clutter your countertops and your waiting area with superfluous products and equipment, nor should you clutter your website with irrelevant information. Your name, logo, address and phone number should be prominently featured so your customers can easily find it. Use a balanced combination of graphics, images and text, and resist the temptation to include flashy animations that will make the site take longer to load.

Keep it Consistent

Consistency is key when building an Internet presence. Your name, address and phone number (NAP) should be written exactly the same way each and every time it’s posted, on each page of your site, in every directory where you list your business, on your blog, your social media pages, your newsletter. Keep your spellings, abbreviations, suite numbers, etc. consistent from site to site and Google’s web-bots will have a much easier time indexing and linking your sites.

Develop a theme for your business with consistent colors, fonts and images, so that your brand will be easily recognized. Get a professional photo taken of your storefront to use on your website as well as your Yelp page, Google Plus, Yahoo Local and other listings. This will help your customers to recognize your business when they arrive for their first appointment.

Use Pleasing Images

Many website themes and templates come with pre-placed images relating to spas and hair and nail salons, and there is also quite a lot of clip-art available from various sites on the Internet, many of which are free to use or may be purchased for a small fee. Your website, however, should reflect your business, so unique and attractive photos taken in your own establishment will help to make your customers feel at home while portraying your salon in a pleasing light. You may want to hire a professional if you’re not terribly proficient with a camera. Choose a time of day (or night) when the lighting is soft, and clear away any background clutter. And be sure to include lots of smiling faces in your photos, even if they’re only of your staff.

Consider posting some before and after makeovers of clientele on one of your pages, along with customer testimonials and reviews. Use photos to illustrate specialties, such as bobs, perms, highlights and hair straightening treatments. When it comes to salon marketing, photographs are a powerful tool.

Include a Blog Page

Too many local business owners build a website and then forget about it. Remember, search engines favor websites that are dynamic and frequently updated. The easiest way to keep your website fresh is to include a blog and post regularly. Use it to promote the latest specials, introduce new products and services and provide helpful home care and styling tips for your customers in order to build trust and goodwill. Link your blog to your social media pages by posting an update to Facebook and Twitter each time you create a new blog post.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Many (if not most) of your customers are finding you on smart phones and tablets these days, so make sure your site is optimized for those devices. Most of the DIY website software will do so automatically but it’s worth verifying before signing up. A website that’s not optimized for mobile will be difficult to read on a small screen like a smart phone and could even get penalized in mobile searches. To make sure your efforts have not been in vain, Google rolled out a new web tool that allows you to determine whether or not your website is “mobile friendly.”

With all of the directories, mapping programs and review sites on the Internet these days, it may be tempting to forego the effort and expense of building a dedicated website for your salon or spa, but don’t. Having a well-designed, professional-looking website not only validates your salon as a modern, professional operation, but it’s an important part of the overall picture. Your website provides the anchor for all of your directory listings, reviews and various citations throughout the World Wide Web that together establishes your Internet presence so that your customers can find you in 2015.


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