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Franchise Marketing

Think Before You Buy: Pros and Cons of Owning a Franchise

Buying into a franchise is a great way for a novice entrepreneur to get their feet wet, and learn the ropes of running a local business in a specific industry, with a somewhat reduced risk of failure and lots of… Continue Reading →

Avoid these 10 Mistakes New Franchises Make BEFORE & AFTER Signing

While opening a franchise can be a simpler, less risky means of becoming an entrepreneur and local business owner, there are nonetheless many pitfalls and heartaches that can go along with any venture if you go about it the wrong… Continue Reading →

How To Put Customers At The Center Of Franchise Marketing

This post by Brian Iredell, Director National Sales at Signpost, was originally published at Franchising USA. This year’s International Franchise Association Convention in Las Vegas was a celebration of all the exciting developments in the franchise world today. The biggest event… Continue Reading →

Are Your Franchisees’ Marketing Not Working? Maybe It’s Not Them

As a franchisor, you not only have the job of building your brand on a national level, but you have the additional responsibility of helping to manage and support your franchisees’ marketing efforts on a local level, to ensure their… Continue Reading →

7 Local Marketing Tips to Promote Your Fitness Franchise

With an ever-increasing emphasis on health and wellness, now is a great time to be in the fitness business. And if you’re the proud owner of a fitness franchise, you’re no doubt already enjoying the benefits of a surefire recipe… Continue Reading →

6 Steps To Identify Franchise Marketing Vendors That Fit Your Brand

As a franchisor, a tremendous amount of your time and effort is spent on building and marketing your franchise brand. After all, the stronger your brand, the greater the demand for your franchise opportunities and the faster you can grow… Continue Reading →

How Online, Social Media Has Changed Franchise Brand Management

Before the advent of the web and social media, franchise brand management used to be fairly straightforward. Franchisors managed a national marketing strategy to build and strengthen brand recognition through centralized consistency, and franchisees benefitted from the results. And while… Continue Reading →

6 Tips to Encourage Franchisees to Be Brand Consistent

When it comes to branding and franchises, consistency is king. That’s why most franchisors impose strict limitations and guidelines on individual franchisees, in order to build and maintain a consistent brand across regional and national markets. Unfortunately, the effort involved… Continue Reading →

How To Manage Your Franchise Brand For Consistency

When it comes to building a successful franchise, brand consistency is key. The entire point of purchasing a franchise opportunity is to leverage the success and popularity of the original brand. How can you piggyback on the success of the… Continue Reading →

4 Essential Aspects of Your Franchise Brand

What is a brand? Is it a name? A logo? If you examine popular brands that are top-of-mind in their respective categories – you’ll soon realize that it’s not just a fancy name or logo. Building a truly successful brand… Continue Reading →