Over the past decade, New York City has developed a strong tech community hosting several success stories and a large talent pool with diverse backgrounds. Plus it’s NYC: the city that never sleeps and has everything you could ask for ranging from bars & restaurants to parks to entertainment to top sports teams to a short trip to the beach. Signpost launched our company in New York in 2010. Since then we’ve built a great team, we’ve joined the likes of fellow New York startups Etsy and Kickstarter to reshape small business, and we’ve been named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes.

Signpost New York Engineering Team

For the past three years we’ve been in two different offices in SoHo, and currently employ over 50 people in New York. When you visit our Vandam Street office and get out of the elevator on the 2nd Floor, you immediately get a sense of the excitement working at Signpost. We play different music all day long including rock, electronic dance, hip-hop, and even country when Chris Gannon gets his chance. It exemplifies our work environment with a diverse and high-energy group of people all contributing to a common goal. The team has respect for and is supportive of each other, whether it is the engineering team launching a new feature or one of the sales reps making a sale.


New York is our first Signpost office and the headquarters where the Executive Team works when they are not traveling to Austin or Denver. Like the city, our New York office has a vibrant culture where things move fast. You have to be adaptable and do well with change. We make decisions quickly and act on them even faster. Everyone comes to work every single day fighting for small businesses and focusing on impact, which is how we’re building the next billion dollar company.

The work hard play hard culture also means that we celebrate our successes and organize outside of work activities for those that are interested. Whether it’s a team dinner or a company happy hour on a local rooftop deck, it’s always great to realize that you enjoy being with the people you work with. We’re a competitive group inside and outside the office. We participate in local sports events, resulting in winning the urban soccer league and lots of fun playing basketball.

Signpost New York Team Happy Hour

Soon we’ll leave our familiar SoHo office space and move to our new location on 26th and 6th in Silicon Alley. We’ll be entering our own built out space with the perks of a ping pong table, spacious kitchen with more snacks and a professional kegerator, and plenty of room for hiring new team members that are excited to empower local businesses. If you’re a (potential) leader in your field and ready to win, see if there’s a fitting job opening or reach out to us.