While the week leading up to the Super Bowl can be business as usual for most consumers, after a weekend spent cheering on their team they’re ready to return toSuper Bowl Monday Provides Opportunity for Local Business their favorite brands. This time is mostly spent prepping for the big game, which can lead to an influx of customers gathering ingredients and supplies for a successful party (i.e. retail and restaurants), but it also provides a distraction from normal shopping behaviors.

However, after tuning into some of the most talked about (and well-funded) advertisements, audiences undoubtedly have consumerism on the mind. We dug into our data during the weeks leading up to Super Bowl last year, to see if it had any impact on buying patterns. Unsurprisingly, there is a small spike in engagement on marketing emails or communications sent today, the Monday after Super Bowl.

Heinz seems to agree with this sentiment. The ketchup brand launched their “Smunday” campaign this year, and is giving employees the day off while proposing that Monday become a national holiday. While this sounds like an idea we all could get behind, could it lead to an opportunity for businesses similar to Black Friday during Thanksgiving weekend? We might have to wait until Super Bowl 52 to find out.

In the meantime, happy sending and happy Smunday, everyone!