The past several months have been very busy for us here at Signpost—we opened new offices in Denver, Austin, and Santa Barbara and we’ve expanded our team with rockstar leaders from PayPal, ConstantContact, LocalResponse and more. We’re excited to count more than 80 Signposters around the US among our ranks.

But what excites us the most is that we’ve been developing the next version of the Signpost platform, which has now rolled out to thousands of small and medium businesses around the country. But before we get to exactly what it does (get excited!) it’s important to discuss why we built it.

Among the many challenges that small businesses face in an increasingly web and mobile world, marketing—the strategy for getting customers in the door and keep them coming back—often rises to the top as the most difficult to understand and accomplish. That’s especially true when SMBs compare their options with brands and larger competitors that have massive budgets and marketing departments.

But just as Square has democratized payments, or TurboTax has streamlined tax preparation, or QuickBooks has made bookkeeping more accessible and affordable for small and medium businesses, our new Signpost marketing platform makes marketing effortless for the small and medium-sized business owner.

In fact, Signpost is virtually effortless.

With Signpost, small and medium businesses can easily attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal in three easy steps—all of which are mostly or entirely automated thanks to the Signpost platform:

  1. Attract customers across mobile and the web. Never has a mobile and web presence been more critical to small businesses than it is today. More businesses are discovered by services like Yelp, Facebook, Google Places, and others than ever before. As a business owner or manager, you can utilize our team of professional writers to create and manage a consistent business profile across dozens of mobile and web locations so that your business is always easy for your customers to find and understand.

  2. Capture detailed customer info to drive conversion. Ditch the guestbook and the Excel spreadsheet. With Signpost, you can now automatically capture customer information from online and mobile interactions, offering customer data without businesses listing a finger. Once you have customer contact information, you’re able to keep the conversation going long after they’ve left your business.

  3. Automate marketing campaigns (remarketing) to drive repeat business. This is the best part — Signpost is making remarketing effortless for business owners: we automatically target existing customers, push custom offers (like coupons or specials) across web and mobile platforms, and drive measurable repeat business. In short, we automatically followup with all of your existing customers to keep your business relevant and dramatically increase repeat purchases.

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We’re very excited to be bringing this kind of advanced marketing technology to business owners across the country. What used to be reserved for the enterprise brands and chains—like the McDonald’s and Walmarts of the world—is now available to your local dentist, coffee shop, or Mom and Pop hardware store, and we’re thrilled that we can help make small businesses more successful. We’re looking forward to seeing how business owners use Signpost to achieve their goals and build the business of their dreams. Up, up and away!

To learn more about how businesses are already using Signpost, please visit our homepage and request a free demo today.

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