Have you ever heard that marketing automation is hard to manage or that it could harm your business? The truth is, marketing automation can actually be a tremendous benefit for your business—if you use it the right way.

Marketing automation is a practice that helps companies nurture leads into becoming customers with valuable, personalized content. Automation an integral part of digital marketing, but you must set it up properly and continually assess your strategy to make it successful. To start you off on the right track, we’ll debunk four of the biggest myths about marketing automation.

1. Marketing automation is lazy.

This myth is based in the perception that automation is an easy, hands-off tactic. The truth, however, is that effective marketing automation requires ongoing analysis and savvy management. You need to remain conscious of what messages you’re sending to which people through which platforms as well as the responses you’re receiving in order to ensure your communications are helpful and contributing to a positive brand image.

2. Marketing automation is only for email.

While marketing automation is most commonly associated with email marketing, it can be a valuable tactic to incorporate with landing pages, social media, and other types of communication. By automating responses to particular user actions, you can deliver helpful, targeted information in a timely manner to better nurture relationships with your potential customers.

3. With marketing automation, you can “set it and forget it.”

Many business owners eschew automation because they believe marketers overuse the practice and end up ignoring engaged leads. Certainly, it’s important to ensure that any marketer who sets up automation for you be fully engaged with the process. The goal of an effective automation strategy should be to open up communication with leads and encourage them to reach out to you as a supplement to, not a replacement for, your sales strategy.

4. Marketing automation is basically spam.

If you’re sending spam, you’re not doing marketing automation right. While there certainly are companies that use marketing automation in a way that fills their contacts’ inbox without providing any real value, this is not effective marketing. When you provide valuable information that’s relevant to the contacts who receive it, you build relationships rather than undermining them with annoying solicitations.

Done right, marketing automation is a powerful way to engage more potential customers with your business. It can show that your company is ready and willing to provide information that will help them make important decisions, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust with your audience.


Laura Stroup is an inbound marketing strategist at Blue Frog, a Des Moines, Iowa-based digital marketing company that specializes in designing customized inbound marketing strategies for companies of various industries and sizes. Laura is passionate about developing strategies that help her clients generate more leads and get a great return on their online marketing investment.